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Dialogue With Taliban Must Go Forward

By Faiza Iqbal • Sep 17th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 13 Comments

Both PTI and PML-N have the mandate from the people to hold talks with the Taliban militants. Just three months ago, people voted them in the restive and FATA-facing province KPK so that peace could be brought in. Even the United States has been facilitating Taliban in Qatar for talks, so why can’t we who are in direct line of fire?

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan has expressed grief and sorrow over the killing of a two-star general of Pakistan army, a senior officer and a soldier in an improvised explosive device (IED) attack claimed by the banned outfit Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Upper Dir. This is yet another reminder that only talks are the way out of this mindless bloodshed. How long would we be getting our soldiers and civilians wasted?

From both sides, ceasefire is the first step. My hunch is that Taliban militant shura which met recently in reply to government’s offer of negotiations wasn’t on board for these upper Dir attack, and then they just adopted it for the sake of pressure tactic. These attacks have been carried out by the Fazlullah group of Swat, which is right now based in Afghanistan. Our military and the politicians must not let this incident hamper the talks.

All parties conference approved of the talks and talks should be held. It is crystal clear that enemies do not want the state of Pakistan to hold conclusive peace talks with the militants. All the so-called liberal fascists are out there on TV and newspaper urging the government to forget talks and strike down. If you closely check, all those who are opposing are either atheists, secular, liberals, or some foreign breed things. These people forget that striking is what we have been doing for the last decade with no use.

It’s about time that we stop this madness and provide relief to our people.

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  1. Please be real. Real mandates come from people who understand such situations. The last PPP Government was also given a mandate and what did they do for the country? Our voting public clearly does not understand the result of bringing a certain candidate into office. We are following a means towards a form of administration, but it will take a really, really long time, if it ever happens for the voters to understand.
    Ask the Sri Lankans who are in the region. They fought a war for twenty years against insurgents that were supported by India. They never went into negotiations with killers. Today Sri Lanka is peaceful.

  2. Peace and Taliban both are contrast of each other and these creatures were created for destroying peace of any region .they were designed made and implanted to spread war culture so how can they go for militarized peace until their all demands would be fulfilled.And their demands are far away to understand for a person , community living in any civilized atmosphere.

  3. Imran Khan’s charisma, honesty, religious love would motivate the Taliban to come to the table and pen the peace deal very soon.

  4. There are some 40 Different Terrorist groups named as Taliban in Pakistan. they are just the mercenaries; being fed and supported by our big Magisterial brother;; King of House of Saud.

    They have one aim to coerce the Pakistan government into submission to take the Army out of FATA tribal area. Create a control line between Tribal area and Pakistan and have their own Free Emirate.

    You think they will abandon their plan where…… Pak government has already accepted its defeat even prior to going on the talk table with taliban when No condemnation is issued for the evil action of Taliban; killing the Senior Military officer in Upper Der area which taliban has taken their responsibility for carrying out this attack.

  5. In Tribal areas Fazal Ullah controls Der,

    Hakim Ullah Masud in Kunar area.

    Faqir Deputy in Bajur,

    Then is Khalid Omer, the prison Breaker calling Himself Salah Din
    and Mangal Bagh and Darek Afridi

    Every one controls their area independently and are Not ready to accept—— say Hakim Ullah Mahsud as their leader…. then Pak Government will be talking to whom…?

    Even Imran Khan who is much enthusiast and desirous to talk to them but has he ever met these groups and are they ready him as their ………leader?

  6. Ab TTP ki Chandi he Chandi hey…The same old traditional Koh e Hinduksuh tactics comes in spin…. Show nuisance, Deter the invaders using their area as passage, Negotiate for payments, get paid and then happily escort them too…..!

    But fact remains that in the bigger picture to arrange and make safe an exit route for US Withdrawal from Afghanistan….which Pakistan takes upon itself as obligatory ….all options will be made use of to make it successful….. even given Taliban an autonomous position to have their Emirate of own in tribal area…

  7. Taliban are the brutal Mercenaries implanted in Pakistan by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and what is the use of talking to mercenaries when we know who their Master is?

    Even you have been attacking them in their dens but could only reduce their numbers that too just few of them. As lot more remain are always in pipeline to replenish them….They are being trained, nurtured before our eyes in hundreds of Madrasas. Sadly we also hale this growth of madrasas ….

    Keeping our high ignorance on one side…

    (1)we needs talking to the master ……Saudi Arabia and..
    (2) abolishing the madrasas and
    (3) put a stop on the violence induced in our society by House of Saud to deplete us and become a total reliant on them as a debased state; otherwise Pakistan will keep on picking dead bodies of military men and civilian … and we will keep on calling, the killing of Pakistanis by undefined enemy…termed as Dehshatgard or TTP.

  8. When we have people like
    true_blue_pakistani.,….believe me, we are all destined to doom.

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