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Depression and Hospitalization Due to Black Magic and Jinn

By Mohammad Yusha • Nov 3rd, 2011 • Category: Mystic Matters • 4 Comments

Many people are suffering from depression all over the world. And many are in hospitals from months. No medicine seems to work. A huge number of cases of depression, to the point of hospitalization, have nothing to do with any illness whatsoever. In fact, medicine only makes it worse. This is because the body is taking medicine that it does not need. These cases are of black magic. Medical tests show nothing, because science does not detect black magic.

Black magic is an azab that the ummah is facing currently. This is because we are very far away from religion. On almost a daily basis, diseases and disasters in the form of dengue or floods or earthquakes strike us and we remain unheedful, only bent on blaming leaders.

It is vital that we become in the habit of praying 5 times daily and recite Surah Baqarah. Also, recite Manzil, drink the water and sprinkle it in your homes. As mentioned before, Manzil is a booklet of verses. Booklets are available in all Islamic stores.

Black magic is a problems that has gripped many countries and has spread to all corners of the world. From South Asian countries to the Middle East and the West, no place is spared. Also, jinn are often used by black magicians to harm people, and some places are naturally haunted. Whatever the case, people have to become religious to counter it.

We are living a lifestyle that is a copy of the west, and we have been paying dearly, whether in the form of black magic, natural disasters or the invasion of foreign powers. It all has to stop, and nothing will change until we change.

Anyone who practices black magic or goes to a black magician to have it performed on someone has no place in Islam. Also, people are requested to stop visiting people who pretend to be amils, as they are all fake, and many times it has proven dangerous as many are rapists.

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Click For More Articles By Mohammad Yusha I am very grateful to The Pakistani Spectator and Ghazala Khan for allowing me to write on TPS. There is a lot of awareness and information on politics and social issues but very little on magic. Magic is a reality and is destroying people's lives. It is a duty to help and educate people on this subject. God bless you all.
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