Demise of Justice in Pakistan

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CJP I M Choudhry perusing his personal rapacious greed and hunger for power validated General Pervez Musharraf’s 12 Oct 1999 act of abrogation of Constitution and allowed him to carry out necessary constitutional amendments to facilitate him as a ruler of this country as deemed fit for him.

The man is enjoying the top seat of Chief Justice of Pakistan awarded to him ever since he administered an oath to President General Pervez Musharraf as president under PCO (Provisional Constitutional Order) thus faltering in maintaining the sagacity and solemnity of Constitution and Supreme Court that he was supposed to up hold.

He enjoyed his supremacy throughout even when he was forced to resign by President Musharraf on 3 Nov 2007 for his conduct unbecoming of nepotism and his extravagant life style. He was suspended but was reinstated on 22 March 2009 by PM Yousaf Raza Gilani after the departure of President Pervez Musharraf.

For last five years when President Asif zardari’s party was ruling; many a national burning cases were brought to the Supreme Court but for his dilly dolly attitude and inability, has failed to pass any specific order by which cases be resolved. Asgher Khan case, Memo gate, National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) and many NAB cases are held in abeyance. Justice is seen in peril when some 70000 people are killed in Pakistan by the suicide bombing attacks of Terrorists and by arson and target killing, life in the country has become a misery. Hundreds of accused terrorist are brought to the court but not a single terrorist is punished. This has brought this nation to the verge of collapse. Anarchy prevails in the Society and terror rules the streets.

He is due to retire on December 11 this year but in his last days, just to take revenge against General Pervez Musharraf, he has urged the present government to run a treason case for abrogating the constitution for his act of 3 Nov 2007 when he was deposed and Musharraf acting as chief of staff of army had declared a state of emergency. He is forgetting all together how he has conducted himself in 1999.

Pursuant to the instruction issued from the CJP, the present government of Nawaz Sharif who was deposed by the Musharraf in 1999, is now in power. In order to settle the scores, PM Nawaz Sharif has agreed and announced to run this Treason case.

CJP is in breach of the rules and  power entrusted upon him as chief justice of Pakistan and he loses his moral authority on both the ends; in 1999 when he validated the act of treason of Musharraf and now urging the present Government to take revenge on the pretext of his declaring emergency on 3 Nov 2007. For their vengeance; both the parties have joined hand.

Should a Chief Justice of an Islamic State like our ….. behave like this…?

And why the man must not be put on the mat under International Law, Principle IV which speaks clear on moral choice of a person in position or in power which says: “The fact that (even)a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him”

What is my friends’ opinion and why he must not be ……..named and shamed?

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