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Danish School Admission , Jobs and Result in Punjab

By Guest Blogger • Jan 14th, 2011 • Category: Politics • 8 Comments

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif addressed the inauguration ceremony of the first Danish school in Rahim Yar Khan on Thursday.

PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif, Senior Advisor Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa, ambassadors and representatives of Saudi Arabia, Argentine, Brunei, Iran, Sweden, Australia and Britain, senior officials of the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNICEF, Department For International Development, United States Agency for International Development, Staff and Educational Development Association, provincial ministers, assembly members, prominent educationists and journalists as well as a large number of notables of the area were present on the occasion.

The CM said that the common man has as much right over national resources as the elite. He said that a separate country was created by the Muslims of the subcontinent under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah so that equal opportunities of progress could be available to all citizens. He said the establishment of Danish schools in the province was based on the same philosophy that the poorest of the poor students of backward areas of the province should have the same educational facilities as are available to the elite. He said, “Today is a red letter day in the history of the country as the first Danish school is being inaugurated in Rahim Yar Khan.” He said that Danish schools will help promote quality education throughout the province and the students of these schools will play their due role for national development and prosperity.

The CM said that education was essential for rapid development and had revolutionary measures for the promotion of education been taken earlier, Pakistan would have joined the rank of developed nations. He said that during his period of exile he often pondered why despite availability of resources, brainpower and a talented workforce, Pakistan lagged behind other countries and the only answer he could find for this situation was the failure to modernise the education sector and equip the young generation with the latest education. He said that education was the only key to success and in view of this fact, the Punjab government was now attaching top priority to the uplift of this sector and had taken unprecedented measures for this purpose. He said that the foundation of a revolution had been laid in the education sector by inaugurating the first Danish school in the 63-year history of the country. He said that all citizens have equal right to education, but there was a monopoly of the elite over the prestigious educational institutions of the country and millions of children of marginalised segments of society could not even think of enrolling in these institutions. He said that 75 percent children of middle and lower middle class families of the country were studying at such private and public schools which were deprived of such basic facilities as teachers, water and electricity. He said that the young generation was the future of the country and the provision of education, health and other basic facilities to the youth was the collective responsibility of society and only then Pakistan’s future would be safe. He said that there were a number of talented and brilliant youth in the backward and far-flung areas and Danish schools will play an effective role in polishing their talent and capabilities.

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8 Responses »

  1. well. i hope these hopes will never betray with us.just hope

  2. Like Taimoormalik said, let us keep the candle of hope lighted. Any good move should be appreciated. But it looks media is not happy at all. Talat Hussain in talk show was critical on the show down in its inauguration. If such school opens, fine, but the way, host of journalists, emissaries, NGO’s highups and foreign delegates were invited, the same was not called for if the intentions were true. It looked more like the similar propaganda stunt like “Sasti Rooti Scheme” that miserably flopped at the cost of 5 billion rupees of Punjab budget.

    But I pray this time the Danish project succeeds, we badly need education for our masses.


  4. dear sir,i m much impresed danish school system,in our city khushabdistt, i have 90 marla property near khushab.i want to launch under govt, punjab. i offer myself this place for danishschool.bacause in danish;my sincere wishes to punjab govt, pakistan.

  5. it is stated that your Team give this forward step in regard of new dynamic education system for new generation is very appreciate able BUT if any authority compromise on your suggested agenda and appoint referral persons those are irresponsible and having no Liability, competency or skills then I think there will no change come in our education system, but if you appointed those persons who are reliable honest & competent and give no pressure from any side and no compromise on any main point of agenda then I think that will not impossible for our generation to face the future competition, and I think they will change our country in that Country which seen the dream of our Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
    Some Key point:
    Degree holders are apply as per your requirement BUT
    1. Those persons appoint on key posts who are already give the handsome salary and just come in your danish School system to change the mind set of our generation.
    2. Those persons appoint who are loyal with the said department and Country.
    3. who have the courage to face the truth.
    Best REGARDS,
    Riaz Ahmed Malik
    Head Bakainy

  6. dear sir,i m much impresed danish school system,in our city Mandi Bhauddin i have 60 marla property..i want to launch under govt, punjab. i offer myself this place for danishschool.bacause in Mandi danish;my sincere wishes to punjab govt, pakistan.
    there is a very big problm of education for poor peopl. there are majorty of low income under 5000/- per month or more low.
    so please think about my application or request.
    Ad, Muhammad Yousaf Sahi

  7. Ofcourse a good move .

  8. MERA sawal hay govt panjab say banaya geya gareebon kay lay magar dakhil hoty hayn ambeer

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