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Dance Parties in Karachi and Lahore

By Amna Gilani • Dec 7th, 2009 • Category: Features • 27 Comments

I have a friend who lives in DHA, Karachi. Her father is a big shot in the Sindh government. They started from a very meager two room rented house in Liaqatabad area of Karachi, but now they own properties throughout Karachi and I have seen no less than five cars in their driveway whenever I have visited her. How that change came about in just 5 years, I know nothing about, but what I know now is that the family hold private dance parties on every weekend.

Last weekend, I went DHA to meet an aunt, and in Zamzama I met with Liza in a boutique. She was exalted to see me and took me to her home. She and her mother insisted me to stop for the dinner which was due in just one hour. After the dinner, guests after guests started coming and they all were going to the basement. I was curious. I asked my friend that was there any event or function at their home? She laughed and said that it was special event, the kind I would had never have seen. I was confused. After 15 minutes, she took me to basement, and I was dumbfounded.

Men, women, boys and girls in minimum clothes were dancing on the western tunes. Alcohol was flowing like water and everyone was falling over to get their drink. As we were standing on the 2nd stair of basement watching, mother of my friend stepped down in basement and was dragged by a man roughly and they performed a couple dance in a very lewd fashion. My friend told me that the man with her mother was a friend of his father. I then saw her father busy dancing with a teenage girl.

I bolted, pulled my car out of their garage and drove away. Next morning my friend called me and wondered why I missed such a soiree. She told me that it was a routine at their home and such things were common in the high societies of Lahore and Karachi.

I still cannot believe that such things are common occurrance in Pakistan. Do you believe?

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  1. arent you doing a crime yourself by not exposing your friends father? Government official, dance parties, alcohol - what is all this? Somewhere someone has to start exposing and stopping them. Do your bit if you can.

  2. Amna Gilani from your article sounds you are too innocent to observe when I was in pupillage period with my Sr. Lawyer he gave the very first lesson “Boy never Get Surprise in this World every thing is possible.” Amna would you believe me what was the very first case I dealt that was comprising real son & mother Adultery Case, interestingly both were declared Muslims.

    Thereafter the 4th or 5th one might be the covered horrible Rape Case he was Attendant/Gorkhan at Cemetery his duty was just to observe the dead body of any Woman who may have look wise young body mean to say into her 20s to up-to 30s that was OK for him at night he used to pulled out the body just to see what was limit of his LUST!

    Kaisay Bhool Jaon Kay Mein Hoon Eik Muslim-
    Kaisay Bhool Jaon Kay Mashriq Mein Hoa Mera Janam-
    Kaisay Bhool Jaon Kay Jab Doo Qisam Kay Qanoon Hoon Gay Raqam-
    Kaisay Bhool Jaon Kay Ruling English Speaking Elite Nay Bania Issay Jhanum-

  3. Hi Amna,
    Dancing, womanising, drinking alcohol may be even gambling are part of high society in any country. Do not JUDGE them.It is not your job .

  4. They think they can dress up in the public and get naked in private in a basement and do these things and no one can see them. They have forgotten that Allah sees them where ever they are and whatever they are doing. On the day of judgment these people’s own body parts will be witness against them and speak of they use to do.


    You should disassociate your people from such people. They will affect you one way or another and cause you harm in this world and in the akhirah. Protect yourself from the hellfire by keeping company with the righteous people and avoiding evil doers.

    When people gather in a gathering then the angels come to see what they are doing. The righteous people will praise Allah, talk about Islam and the good things. When Allah forgives these people, He also forgives anyone sitting in this gathering even if he was not there for any specific purpose but just sat down among them. Similarly, when Allah punishes the evil people committing evil then He punishes everyone there.

  5. Hi Amna !

    Welcome to the reality !

    Welcome To the other Pakistan !

  6. Hi amna
    I m editor of Monthly Intezam Magzine
    I find your article this is true fact unfortunetlt in our society in various areas this is fact that alcohal and dancing with gambling is free in our generation in posh areas this kind of dance parties are doing major role to build relations between bussness legends this kinds of parties duly arranged in hawlksbay and many form houses in gadap town it is very shamefull for being a pakistani that this kinds activities are continue in our surround .in short your thinking in this connection is highlly appreciated really

  7. Hi amna
    I m editor of Monthly Intezam Magzine
    I find your article this is true fact unfortunetly in our society in various areas this is fact that alcohal and dancing with gambling is free in our generation in posh areas this kind of dance parties are doing major role to build relations between bussness legends this kinds of parties duly arranged in hawlksbay and many form houses in gadap town it is very shamefull for being a pakistani that this kinds activities are continue in our surround .in short your thinking in this connection is highlly appreciated really

  8. Amna
    The people who get jump from lower to higher status through wrong doings is usually first to adopt such western practiced.Actually Haram(illegitimate) always attracts haram activities and it is nothing to surprise.As a Karachi youth you shouldn’t be surprised by such of , wine, woman and dance activities as Karachi culture before 1980s is popular for such dance parties which you mentioned.I still remembered that my few cousins were quite bored when they come to lahore as here such colorful and attractive pursuits were not popular at that time.
    Dance culture was also very popular in Lahore but mostly hijras, merasi and merasains, and then dancers from red light areas were very popular in family functions.But as Indian cultures are taking roots in our nou doultia class so all such traditional show is swapping to modern dance parties where Indian and western styles are preferred to adopt.
    So the girls of nobles are taking places of professional dancers and whole family including their fathers and uncles enjoy seeing the hidden talent of their girls in form of video camera.
    We are actually coming in to two extremes, In one side our young generation is showing tendency toward long beard and strict hijab restrictions and on other side they are enthusiastically attracting to such activities which surely dont come into Islamic periphery.

  9. Hello all, I am not a pakistani, I am from Slovakia (a small ex-communist country in Central Europe), but I have spent a year in Karachi with some weeks in Lahore and Islamabad/Rawalpindi. I believe in Islam as much as I believe in Christianity.

    I am not going to talk about if its good or bad what those people have been doing, because I believe thats not up to us to judge! If you believe that God created us than you MUST believe that he knew that he was not creating creatures that will behave only in his favored way.

    He didnt want the world to be populated by non questioning sheeps, but self-aware and free-to-choose beings. He gave us the right to decide how we behave but told us what are the desired ways of behavior (which in core only slightly change depending on book of which Prophet you read).

    Those people might be commiting sin, but if so a morale one, not a physical one. And we as people should be punishing only the physical ones - murder, theft, rape -> violence and pain. God is to judge them in the rest… Because such dance parties are acceptable among 3/4 of the population of earth, thats 4.5 billion people! And I dont believe God wants all of them to burn in hell.

    The truth is that out there there are lots of people who would like to take judgment and “justice” in their hands and punish such “sinners”… Commint 100% burn-in-hell crimes like murder, arson, public beatings and other violence.

    You dont agree, that is a right given to you by your Creator. Tell those who do accroding to you the wrong why do you think so, but PLEASE dont let people take justice in their hands.

    The first evil are those people in the name of Allah are prepared to blow up His house and people who listen to His words.. not those who have forgotten him.

    And a word to Shahid - “you live your life as you please and do as you please and no one can judge anyone. This is a new fantasy invented by these people in the last century so they can continue the evil they do and the righteous people don’t stop them” -> if we were to follow this call, most of us (you and me) would be already dead, because the only people who have not commited sins are called Prophets.


  10. Yeh roweeya or thinking same as RSS & Bal Thakray Party in India Amna Gilani and her supporters same Hindu fandamentalist…….. not Prophet Muhammad’s thinking and taleemat ……….. un ka to kisi muslim main mujhay aks nazar naheen aata……..
    woh to her insan ko sun, moon and sea ki mannind dekhna chahetay the k yeh part of universe her makhlooq ko kisi tafreeq k beghair faeda detay hain..
    tum logon say kisi ka nachna gana berdasht naheen hota……..
    Panchiyoon ko bhi roko nachnay ganay say

  11. Such things are here for long.I have no problem with their dancing as whatelse they will do with the money grabbed by hook and crook.They have mustered illegal wealth beyond their capacity and now they need to vomit it out.So actually what they have ingested cant b fully digested so they need to egest it.This is elite culture and it is here since the country was born.

  12. Nazia,

    The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) had a beard, and told the Muslims to “trim the mustache and let the beard grow”, and all the sahaaba had beards. Are you calling them extremists? Allah orders the Muslim women to do hijab and to cover herself so that she may be known as a Muslimah. All the wives of the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wasalam) did hijab (niqab) and so did all the womenfolk of the Sahaba. Are you calling them extremists?

    The truth is that people have gone so far from Islam that they see obligatory and normal practices of Islam as being extremism. They themselves are extremists and have gone into extremism in being liberal. Yes, extremism goes both ways.

    Go read my post again, I’m not saying anything bad to Amna and nor am I angry at her (or anyone). There is no problem with my post, the problem is with your eyes. You feminazis are always angry when it comes to any man so no matter what you always pretend you are under attack. It is you who feminazis who go attacking people, not I.

    anyways, I don’t have time to start with you, so I’m just going to ignore you.


    Your reasoning is flawed in terms of crime and punishment, just are your laws. You think people should only be punished when someone is harmed by them, like in a rape, assault or some-other attack. Then why do you stop people from speeding? why do you ticket them for not wearing a seat-belt? why do you ticket them for running red lights? They are not harming anyone. You can press charges on them if they hit/hurt anyone, just as you would only press charges if someone raped someone but not before. These people are not harming anyone but are just in a hurry to get somewhere. These traffic laws are just one of many examples of laws that punish people when they are not harming anyone. In fact, german government forces the unemployed women to take a prostitution as a job if they are unemployed otherwise they will not get any unemployment benefits.

    Here are bigger harder questions for you. Why is prostitution illegal? why is incest illegal? If these are mature adults then they know what they are doing. The truth is that prostitution and incest are not illegal in every western country. There are many European countries (german, denmark) where prostitution is legal and even incest is legal.

    This is the problem and the flaw in your reasoning/thinking and making man made laws. Christians use to protect their society by punishing people who broke social laws but now look at them, they have even allowed things that any rational human being finds crazy.

    This is why Islam (still) punishes and stops crimes (sins) that harm individuals and the society. Yes, it is Allah’s command to stop the evil in the society and punish the ones who have broken Allah’s law. You have been reading to many western propaganda about Islam to think that the Islamic punishment is for the people to take justice in their hand. In Islam, it is the government who is allowed to punish someone and not the people.

    We would not be dead for committing sins, because death is not the punishment for every sin. Again it is your lack of information, or misinformation, that you think death is the punishment for every sin. Take drunkenness as an example, these people would be flogged as a punishment for it but not killed; and alcoholic sin is a major sin.

  13. Shahid
    I am glad to hear that people like you have started avoiding me as it is part of my success in this forum.
    This is my objective and message to all that there is no need to curse on the basis of your belief and your life styles and should try to avoid and ignore them.
    People like you should avoid all others who sometimes or accidentally comes to your way and let them to live in their own way under their ideas of life and region which they get from their resources.
    You want to have long beard and want to keep your women in hijab,Do it without any hesitation , nobody would dare to stop you but give you respect if you in good gestures would accommodate others like feminazis too.
    There is nothing to angry in your funny comments about people who have different point of views other than you but all time amuse the audience and that is why I responding you in same tone.
    Men of our society are our support and without their cooperation and gestures of respect no working lady or housewife can achieve the goals of their life.
    Pseudo-aggressive empowerment and resilient temperament are safety shields of a working woman as sometime some slippery leeches also get advantage of soft and friendly behaviour of woman for treating them as pieces of fun and part time enjoyment ,So for other people the code of conduct has different parameters other than hijab and beard.

  14. Hi Amna and Nazia,
    Please read the comment no 11 by Lepo. again. It is realy thought provoking.
    Hi Shahid comment no 15.
    I am pasting the thoughts of Wahab
    “”"” Central to Muhamed Ibn al Wahab’s message was the essential oneness of TAWHID(GOD). They follow the cause which is known as AHL AT TAWHID or MUWAHHIDUN( Unitarians). Wahab’s instructions in the matter of extending Islamic teachings by force were strict. All unbelievers ( Christians,Hindus,Jews as well as those who did not accept Wahab’s interpretation of Islam and Holy Quoran is more supportive of him) were to be put to death. He viewed votive offerings, praying at saints tombs and at graves, any prayer ritual in which suppliant appeals to a third party for intercession with TAWHID as objectionable.Even celebration of prophet’s birthday,Shia mourning ceremonies, Sufi Mysticism of Indian Muslims( like in Ajmer shereef) are particularly abhorring for his followers.”"”
    Do you approve of Wahab?
    Do you approve of Saudi King calling himself ” Defender of Islams two holy mosques”? Which holy text gave him this authority? Does Allah’s abode require protection from a human?
    Why I am writing this is because Dancing is an universal phenomenon. Prostitution is sinful and every religion says it.Denmark may allow it or Germany but Christian texts donot allow it. Nations with predominantly Christians may allow it. So donot blame it on Christianity.
    I will cry and fight to save my daughter from becoming a Prostitute.But i cannot stop her forcibiliy from becoming one. I just cannot take away another humans RIGHT TO SIN .

  15. Jinka deen parvi-e kizb o riya hai unko, himmat-e kufr mile zurrate tehkik mile,
    jinka sar muntazare tege zafa hai unko, daske kabil jhatak dene ki tofiq mile,

    Aayiye haath badaye hum bhi, hum jinhe rasme dua yaad nahin,
    hum jinhe soje mohabbat ke siwa koi but koi khuda yaad nahin

  16. It is sad to hear this. When the nation should be united as one in a time of extremism war. We should be putting our efforts to fight these militants rather than doing all this. What a shame is all I can say.

  17. AOA.sister unfortunately since Pakistan was made till now we are occupied by immorality and disbenifited with freedom which our forefathers got to live in peace in pure ISLAMIC society which has to be a shelter of moral values,and then our leaders lost the goal and adapted the same corrupt system which they inherited by English society therefor we also adapted there faint values instead of Khliafat,the islamic law,values,moral society and other benifits.

    if you see the whole scenario then you will realize that we are losing in this world and the hereafter as well by not embracing the truth by seeking guidence from ALLAH,the creator of everything that exist….

    so we need to go back and get the peace in our religion and enjoin the ISLAMIC way of life,to become successful in this world and the hereafter…..MAY ALLAH give us pure Emaan,Guidence and Shelter under his law Ameen!

  18. Its really shameful but not for those who nothing have sense about his/her duties and responsibilities.
    i am a journalist from urdu daily published from karachi
    if you can mail me that place address or name of yours friend father then we can
    make a investigative story agents these kind of snatcher. who snatch our society with his dirty thoughts and practices.

    waiting your response my ID mentioned here


  19. Sb bkwas krtay ho……no 1 act up0n d advices given by Prophet P.B.U.H….thats y u ppl can js say smthng
    0nly….so keep saying……….!!!!

  20. If i am excused….!!!!

    One can only be at right path / right side / succeeded. When the GOD wishes some good for the one.
    If you are marked by fate to got to the hell. Then you would automatically be choosing wrong / thinking wrong / doing wrong.
    Please think for your own later / after life…. its only good for you not for any other person.
    If someone is doing wrong and the other person is being affected by his deeds, then he would be punished (affects may include Physical, Moral, Social, National & family embarssment).
    All other wrongs including the up said, shall be rewarded eitherway in the judgement day.

    May your soul find the rest in this life and the life after…

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