Dance Parties in Karachi and Lahore

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I have a friend who lives in DHA, Karachi. Her father is a big shot in the Sindh government. They started from a very meager two room rented house in Liaqatabad area of Karachi, but now they own properties throughout Karachi and I have seen no less than five cars in their driveway whenever I have visited her. How that change came about in just 5 years, I know nothing about, but what I know now is that the family hold private dance parties on every weekend.

Last weekend, I went DHA to meet an aunt, and in Zamzama I met with Liza in a boutique. She was exalted to see me and took me to her home. She and her mother insisted me to stop for the dinner which was due in just one hour. After the dinner, guests after guests started coming and they all were going to the basement. I was curious. I asked my friend that was there any event or function at their home? She laughed and said that it was special event, the kind I would had never have seen. I was confused. After 15 minutes, she took me to basement, and I was dumbfounded.

Men, women, boys and girls in minimum clothes were dancing on the western tunes. Alcohol was flowing like water and everyone was falling over to get their drink. As we were standing on the 2nd stair of basement watching, mother of my friend stepped down in basement and was dragged by a man roughly and they performed a couple dance in a very lewd fashion. My friend told me that the man with her mother was a friend of his father. I then saw her father busy dancing with a teenage girl.

I bolted, pulled my car out of their garage and drove away. Next morning my friend called me and wondered why I missed such a soiree. She told me that it was a routine at their home and such things were common in the high societies of Lahore and Karachi.

I still cannot believe that such things are common occurrance in Pakistan. Do you believe?

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