Count Down of System Wrap Up Begins !!!

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If you happen to be in Islamabad right now, you cannot miss the vibes, very strong vibes pouring in from all corners about the long awaited system wrap up by the powers who have almost lost their temper.

By keeping the peril of tagged as conspiracy-hatcher, I would say that this time things are really serious and even lists of people to be arrested have been circulated to all those who are interested, and this has caused immense panic. Just last bit of restrain is being shown and military is waiting for judiciary to blink and redraw its attention towards the executive and leave military alone. The petition challenging the extension of Kayani is the litmus test here. If Supreme Court drags it a little bit, then it would be curtains for everyone.

Journalists, the senior and informed ones in the capital are very much confident this time that curtains would fall and there is no chance of survival of this system status anymore. With Karachi situation worsening every day, and  elections looming with prospects of Zardari re-election; they say that military has no choice but to coup. They are counting the days on their fingers, so you can guess the timeline.

One still hopes, though…….

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