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Cost of Medicines in Pakistan

By • Sep 19th, 2008 • Category: Misc • 14 Comments

I had muscular pain in back and went to doctor who gave me two type of medicines (capsules). I had a habit to read expiry date and the chemical formula. One of these capsules was ‘INDOMETHACIN’ which was manufactured by Taiyuan Pharmaceutical Factories Weixing, Taiyuan, China.

I asked the doctor that Pakistan is importing medicines from China also? He took these capsules and saw it, and replied this is my first chance that I have seen medicines Made in China. Then he continued that this is expensive medicine and people are unable to buy it, its good that this is being imported from China, this will reduce its price also.

We know cost of medicines in Pakistan is more than our neighboring countries because of the overheads and un-controlled profiteering by medicines producing and importing companies.

Lets hope from now onwards we may have Chinese medicines to support the poor ailing humanity in Pakistan. Government of Pakistan must help importers in this regard by waving duties and reducing taxes and also ensure that this is passed on to consumer also. I shall also write soon on how medicinal companies are earning profits in Pakistan.

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