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Concentrate on Education, Not on Girls

By Mohammad Yusha • Dec 27th, 2012 • Category: Misc • No Responses

Education is a great blessing. And it is a sad fact that boys in Pakistan do not concentrate on their education as they should. Instead, they are busy chasing girls on cell phones, chat rooms, social networking websites, you name it. The decline of Pakistan is evident in the actions of boys of Pakistan.

What will be the future of Pakistan when boys, on whom rests great responsibility of their country and religion, act immaturely and spend their time teasing, harassing, and chasing girls. The teen years are very important as the time in high school and university determines their future and the future of the country.

While Pakistan holds the record for the best grades in A levels and O levels in the world, it can be seen that not all boys are following the path to success. Mosques are empty during prayer time, libraries are empty during study time, while boys are busy partying and dating.

I fear for the future of Pakistan, because boys of today are the future of this country. Please spend your time either in the mosque, library, or at home studying, and do not indulge in useless activities. They will neither benefit you in this world, not in the life after death.

As for those girls who provide motivation to these boys by leaving their cell phone numbers on social networking websites and blogs, and spend their time talking to boys in chat rooms, please avoid it.

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