Comparison of Official Election Songs of PMLN, PTI, and PPP

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From late eighties and then throughout 90s, political parties use to project their election messages in different forms of media including songs with catchy graphics. IJI during early 90s and PPP at the same time came up with some nice songs. Jamat-e-Islami spearheaded the song competition at that time, and they called them anthems and they were very impressive.

Most of those early songs were directly about bashing the opposite party. Especially election anthems created by JI were aimed at slandering Benazir Bhutto and her mother Nusrat Bhutto. PPP also slammed General Zia and its remains, referring to JI and Nawaz Sharif. At that time there was not any one official song. In the emergency elections of 2008, the song culture was not much there, and only notable song came out was of Pervaiz Elahi but it was not impressive at all.

As 2013 elections approach in Pakistan, three main runner parties PTI, PML-N, and PPP have come out with their own official songs sung by top singers. The voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is the market voice these days and extremely popular throughout Pakistan and both PTI and PML-N have taken his services for the song and he has delivered.

PPP’s song revolves around past dripped in sorrow, tears and emotional exploitation of the voter. There is no mention of Zardari at all, and neither Gilani or Pervaiz Ashraf are mentioned. Its only about Benazir¬† Bhutto and his father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and other Bhutto family members. It is just aimed at begging voters to come out and cast their sympathy vote.

PTI has two songs mainly. One is sung by Ata ullah Esa Khelvi and the other by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The tune of Rahat’s song is great and as was expected Rahat has sung it quite good. Esa Khelvi has just dragged the song and it’s very to completely hear that song.¬† Graphics and lyrics in both songs are average. In Rahat’s song of PTI, change slogan of Imran Khan has at least been discussed.

PML-N‘s official song for the election campaign wins hands down in all aspects. I am not saying that they are correct or wrong, but as far as song is concerned, it’s really good. Rahat has done marvellous job here like he did in PTI’s song. The thing which really stands out is the hope, and forward-looking thinking depicted in the song. Its lyrics are great and issues have been touched in the song.

One thing which is missing from all the songs is the mention of other party leaders and their sacrifices. Respectively, all the songs completely revolves around the party heads. Our parties have still a long way to go in this regard to make parties a real democratic parties and not a family affair.

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