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Coaching is a Profession of Love

By Dawar Naqvi • Feb 23rd, 2010 • Category: Entertainment • No Responses

Coaching is a profession of love. You can’t coach players unless you love them. This is what we are missing in our team. We need a young dedicated coach for our team. In last Australian tour we had many coaches and we had seen the bitter result. Questions have been asked to one famous Coach, What makes a good coach? He replied “Complete dedication”.  From years Rashid Latif has shown is dedication to our cricket. He is running cricket academy. Many our current and ex players of Pakistan cricket team came out from his academy.

Rashid Latif is a best choice for the Pakistan cricket team Coach Position. Players like him and he loves his players.  Intikab Alam is a very old candidate for this position. We need a coach who can do some exercise with team in the field. Since Waqar Younis become cricket commenter he is not right person for the coach position. During commentary you need to some times criticize different players and captain on different reasons. We have seen the arguments between Waqar Younis and Mohammad Younis just before the last one day.  Fielding is our cricket team biggest weakness; we need some one who knows about fielding well. No one knows fielding better than a good wicket keeper.

And Rashid was an excellent wicket keeper on his time. Good communication is very important for the successes. Rashid is always engaging himself with different cricket assignments. He always interacts with current players. Importantly he speaks the language which our players understand. Foreign coach speaks their native languages and most of our players do not understand at all. American whose first language is English always find hard to understand Australian English. Can our players understand well?

We need a coach who can effectively communicate with the players, who should be able to take part in their training sessions, coach who is able to motivate his players.  Rashid has all these skills. I humbly request PCB President Mr. Ijaz Butt to assign Rashid Latif as a Coach of Pakistan cricket team.

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