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Clash of the Titans; Sri Lanka v/s Pakistan, First T20 World Cup Semifinal

By Saad Farooq Awan • Oct 4th, 2012 • Category: Entertainment, Politics • 9 Comments

The stage is set; Lush, bloodthirsty arena of Premadasa Stadium is waiting for its Gladiators desperately. Its not less than a battle,, a battle to be fought in a much noble way with not-so-deadly weapons but hearts full of rage and destined to tear apart the enemy line up.

Yes, it’s the first semi-final of T20 World cup 2012, to be played between the home ground favored Sri Lanka and the unexpected Green Squad, Pakistan.

Indeed a heart break moment for one of the teams in the end but what critics expect is an electrifying nail biting display of cricket by both teams.

Talking about the comparison of both teams, Lankans have the upper hand with complete set of players specialized in every field and coming up with improved performance in every match while on the other hand the inconsistent Pakistan lineup is still facing difficulties in opening pair of bowling and batting.

Recently the young, talented Raza Hasan has proved his capabilities in past matches, especially against India and Australia. But the famed T20 specialist Umer Gul has yet to prove himself in bowling while the stardom of Shahid Khan Afridi has turned gloomy in this tournament and is out of form in both batting and bowling.

Having the edge of home crowd over opponents puts an immense pressure but Pakistani squad have forgotten the smell of their motherland especially new comers who have started their International career on International grounds and proved themselves well while staying remote from home.

Talking about the comparison and match difference makers, Malinga, Mathews and Mendis will be the key bowlers for Sri-Lanka while in the batting lineup Dilshan, Sangakara will be biggest threat for Pakistani bowlers. While from the Pakistan perspective, Raza Hasan will be the difference maker and Umer Gull will and should have to support him from the other end, while the Father of “Doosra” will be major threat for Sri Lankans.

Confidence level of both captains, Hafeez and Jayawerdana is touching sky but in the end, one has to leave for home with heavy heart while other prepares again for the “Big Game”.

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9 Responses »

  1. We will winnnnn…. :)

  2. @Saad

    You will be responsible for killing us,if you try to make our pulse beat too fast.hahhahhha

  3. Mojhay Meri Kutto Nazar Nahi aarahi - Mojhay Match Organize kerna tha oskay sath Dhakar-dhoun XI V/s Modernity XI - Ossko Pata Mein OSS Game ka Champion Honn — Bari Bari Trophian aur Akhbar Ki Cuttings hein Meray pass Aur Hann baray baray - Namwar Khilarioun kay sath Namm Bhi Mojoud Buss Kisi Tarah Match shoro Hojaiy Osskay Sath — Hamisha Aankhoun Mein Aankhien Dall Kay Behtrin Khail Khailnay Ki Koshish Ki - Natijay Say Bay Parwa Hoker. Kiounkay Tu Nahi Koi Aur Sahi Asool Hay Apan Ka.

  4. I enjoyed only from one thing that this failure in front of world’s other teams confirms IPL had done no any good to Indian Cricket rather this has been established with undeniable facts & figures it’s only a money spinner & match fixing saga.

  5. Afridi Lala, Sharam Kaar laina yaar iss match mein

  6. Everyone knows his/her own present mental cum physical situation from (im)perfect p.o.v ——– if there was any problem he/Shahid Afridi should not have joined the team before starting T20 - 2012. It seems not practically possible even in a single match he was not Man of the Match — hence I directly blame to Shahid Afridi - he was not up to his marks through out in this tournament.

  7. West Indies qualified for final what a record margin of victory against Australia. And with this high spirit now ready to play against Sri Lanka in final on Sunday it seems now WI has become favorite of coming final.

  8. Bolo Hann.

  9. Mojhay Lagta 25/30 runs WI final jeet jaiy ga. Kia Bolti Tu?

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