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Chief Minister Scholarship Program by Shahbaz Sharif

By Rohail Butt • Jun 20th, 2009 • Category: Politics • 25 Comments

Mian Shahbaz Sharif is doing wonders in the province of Punjab. Where at one side, our rulers at the roost seems to be at loss as how to run the country, and the anti public budget has broken the back of the people, chief minister of Punjab is busy in performing brilliantly.

His ‘Susti Roti’ scheme has already shut the mouth of the enemies and everybody is praising him in that regard. Likewise, he has especially given special attention to the remote and under-developed districts of the Punjab like in South of the province. His special focus on the education sector is extremely commendable. He has offered 5000 scholarships to the deserving pupils, regardless of their gender and he has allocated more scholarships to the remote areas, so that students from those areas got opportunites, they are always denied.

CMs of other provinces must take lead from the Shahbaz Sharif.

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  1. Rohail
    sehbaz shairf and karachi mayor are only two public representatives among thousands other who are really earning repute by giving people their actual rights from state’s funds.Sharif this time has given very importance to his education reforms and it is confirmed by many sources that actual talent of Pakistan regardless of gender, area and class are getting state’s encouragements in the form of cheques from sharif.In this way mustafa kamal has brought significant change in Karachi development projects and his latest attack on impotent chief minster of Sind is accurate and need of time.Really in this difficult situation baba jee having jet black hair and mustache in his suiting in hot summer looks one of ugly characters of people ‘ s representatives in sindh assembly.

  2. Nazia: Thanks for appreciating the 2nd Best Mayor in the World, MQM’s Syed Mustafa Kamal! You better also express your appreciation for Quaid-e-Tehrik Altaf Hussain Bhai, who chose Mustafa Kamal to serve the people of this city!

    MQM Believes in Selfless Service!
    Even MQM’s worst haters like Nazia won’t deny this fact!

    JEEAY Quaid Altaf Hussain Bhai!

  3. Nazia: Please do read my thought provking article which may probably be published on TPS tomorrow. Or you may also see it on my blog right now, by clicking on my name. I’m looking forward to hear your and everyone else’s views on that national issue.

  4. Hasan
    with lot of apologizes and sorry to say that your writings in my views is never a though provoking but sometimes looks that mqm has sent some roting parrot in this forum whose only aim is mechanical or unthinking routine to say repetition of words again and again.So kindly never allow me to read your highly illogical and unrealistic writing that usually ends in very hot environment.

  5. Well, its your inherent biased attitude regarding MQM that is provocative. Nevertheless, still accept my apologies if you find my views untoward. BTW my new article deals with a national issue, not local politics.

  6. Your all comments are on record.You can take time to revise for collecting data on the basis of my comments.Majority have chains of repitition as you people are very complexed due to lack of stability in your point of views so ultimately you take all positive criticism toward ethnic if we can directly hit to our corrupt icon zardari or symbol of cowardliness sharif then why you people become agitated if you runaway leaders is awarded with some names for his actual deeds.

  7. Hassan, stop marketing your idiotic blog here. We come here for TPS, not for your moronic blog. Nazia is right, you seem to be a third-rate MQM parrot, next to Farooq Sattar.

  8. oracle
    dont blame poor parrots for doing their job as he is doing as per training.The main theme is coming from other sources and we all know who is the real source behind this FM.

  9. You people are messed up!

    Oracle you moron…just shut-up!

    Farooq Sattar is a great man!

  10. JEEAY Quaid Altaf Hussain Bhai!

  11. oracle u seem to be a new addition to this cloned breed of Democracy Haters or MQM Haters….

  12. There are many kinds of JOKERS

    But there are very few

    Who turn out to be good JOKERS

    And excel in all they do they do.


    THE JOKER sets a good example for

    Everyone to see.


    And strives to make us LAUGH





    Must be realized



    AND Talent on this level

    Can’t be found everywhere

    But i know one great JOKER

    His name is Altaf Hussain

  13. PML-N is looting and plundering resources of punjab. only limited PPP in punjab cabinet is a mild check on these looters of national wealth

  14. sir i want to apply for this scholarship as the oppertunity provided by our chief minister of punjab

    kindly tell me how to apply for this…..

    more i would like to tell that i student of telecom engineering over there in islamia university of bahalwapur and belong to lower middle class family of chishtian mandi located in district bahwalnager
    division bahawalpur……..

    kindly inform me on my mail how can i apply for this scholarship…..

    i shall be very thankfull to you

  15. Waqqas, Better to visit Punjab Government website or HEC website. You will find list of scholarships. I ensure you that if you are competent and talented then you will find scholarship.

    Good luck.

  16. I wndr wt our govt is doin? There is such a huge cabinet in all levels: Federal nd Provincial. Y to hv such huge one wen v can easily go wd small one. Of course our country is nt too mch big. I wonder whether gov knwz any other way to increase revenue except imposing tax. Y? R v da common ppl nt like doz ‘ministers’ who r living on our expenses nd r yt shameless to care 4 us. Wt iz their uz?
    PML(N) though doin gud in Punjab (It is only SHahbaz Sharif who dzrvs to get credit 4 his works) bt almost al its members r corrupt nd immoral. Hav a look at Mr.Mahmood-ul-Hassan(a leader of Land Mafia), Mr.Abdulghaffor(the famous one involved in Airport scene nd nw in assembly) nd list goes on and on….. Wt is party’s policy on imp issues like Rise in Prices and on Drone Attack?
    Lastly for PPP, Plz for God Sake, Do remember This country was established by QUAID-E-AZAM MUHAMMAD ALI JINAH nt by ANY BHUTTO. Bhutto’s were leadrz as their r otherz(I don’t wanna make any comparizn). We r tired f dis Bhutto phobia! Dy dnt sacrificed 4 dis country bt 4 their own self. Our money is v. precious v don’t wanna giv it 2 UN 4 investigation of that murders which wl bring nothing 2 us. If any1 wanna do dis, let HIM DO WD HIS OWN EXPENSES. Da democracy is best revenge is ur slogan bt frm whom ur takin reveng, ALLAH KNWZ BETTER!!!

  17. the only thing in present circumstances is to keep ourself peacefull.every thing goin agaist us n our country,wether its an economical crise or its a war against terrorism
    its all useless to take d side f any political take d side f those who do good fr this country n wid u.n try urself to do good than others.
    i saw ppl findin food frm garbage,i saw ppl dyin in hospitals fr nt being treated,i saw ppl being arrested ba unknon agencies who struggl fr their rights or fr others rights,nt even all i saw ppl being murdering in mosques ba government.ahhhhhhhhhh
    its so easy to say such things bt one time consider n feel ur self to be the one of difficult.
    y its happenin to us?because we r pakistani?or we r muslims?
    its all just because we do nothing we r sleeping we dunno know wat is hardworkin n what is struggl sorry to say please dunno mind coz m d one above all M tryin to speak exact wat d fact is.
    i did nothing whn i saw such problems wid d sensation that its non f my buisness
    i did’t do anythin whn children,women n youngs wre mertyred in lal masjid.
    i mak my government use to such a behaviour that meant nothing to d public it consider itself every thing.even now i m having a sleep on operation raherast(d usa want)
    y i beared to see mercedes of minister by standing as a punishment in humid burning weather on a signal.y did’t i through a stone on its wind secreen.
    one side considerin garbage food n otha side watchin mercedes.
    shame on me.
    y i blame on others on the things which i would do but did’t do
    if others r nt having unity y would’t i do such things.
    i must hav d one bieng united among ma country’s ppl.all r my brothers n sisters.
    m nt frm any province or frm any city m frm pakistan.n all u r my own.if i ll do som wrong wid you it meanz m doin wrong wid myself.
    we need unity
    we hav to prove it we r united ba movin on a behaviour to raise our voices together against bruelity

    usa is just arriving to hav this easy pick untill we ll hav so hard in mutual behavior.
    if we unites agaist any brulity,it must hav to vanish.exampl r infront of us in chief justice case.onlything ppl have had the plateform n unity by whome we kno bt now resposibility comes on our shouders if we ll do,it must be according to what it requires other wise afghanistan is infront of us.
    be united,work together,feels like in a family wid evry one,forgiv on mistakes

    if we want to make our future good we hav to move on.ALLAH wll help only whn we ll do somthin
    be a one voice.if one tryna make himself must ll effects on others
    wish pakistan alive long in the presence of ppl like me
    dont blame on others its ourself who is responsible for every bad thing but its others which cause for every good thing happen to u.
    love u humanity,love pakistan above all love ISLAM

  18. i want to meet with shahbaaz shareef

  19. i have a problem

  20. We should not project or degrade any political party here as it is totally irrelevant on this topic, I am from Karachi, and I do support and appreciate Mustafa Kamal and Shahbaz Sharif, no doubt both are talented, hard working and sincere men. I wish both gets a chance to work together for this country.

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