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Chief Justice Cut Qadri to Size

By Ali Yar Khan • Feb 13th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 13 Comments

After so much time, today I am extremely happy with the Chief Justice of Pakistan and his court. He is really representing the beacon of justice and another pillar of state, defending the democracy and its components and judicially dealing with the anti-state elements.

TuQ, The Tahir ul Qadri cut his own feet when he entered a petition in the Supreme Court. How on Earth he thought that Supreme Court would go against the justice? I don’t know what is in the mind of Chief Justice, but the way he has treated Qadri so far is simply fabulous.

Qadri went to the court with utmost arrogance and extreme self-righteousness. Attired in his white tent with black overall, he entered in the hallways of court with intelligent frowns on his forehead, with ramrod neck and glaring eyes. He was kept waiting for three hours for his case, and then he waited two hours to come to rostrum.

After five hours, not only all of his air had escaped, his supporters were also trying find their breath. Qadri eas embarrassed to limits when he tried to praise the Supreme Court, but Chaudhry Iftikhar cut him short and started asking about his Canadian citizenship. In his left-over arrogance, Qadri said that it was not the question. Chief Justice scolded him and said that question would be what would be asked by the Apex Court.

Chief Justice nailed it where it belonged, when he remarked that how a Canadian citizen demand that the election commission of Pakistan should be changed?

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  1. “Cut to size is what the Dawn Newspaer story read”,while commenting on how Dr Qadri was cross-questioned by Cj on his dual nationality.Well,whatever the naunces,one thing that took me by sheer surprise was CJ’s remarks on Qadri having sworn allegiance to Queen Elizbeth.As far as I can think,Pakistan is still a part,despite being outlawed many a times,of the commonwealth of nations,which theoretically swears allegiance to the British Queen.And the common sense,If we really have some of that left,says that no person can be exluded from his natural right of protection under the law of his native country despite having acquired the citizenship of another country.Plus,foreign remittences streaming into our country from green-card holder pakistanis are never disallowed under the pretence of the money having been sent by another national.And all of us know that our SBP governer is also a dual national.And in our parliment many a birds of seasons sit and decide on our behalf.And another thing that amazes me is this:the current incumbents in SC had played into the hands of MUSHARAFF by allowing their integrity to be barterd for the dictator’s PCO.So the most burning question shouldn’t be who swears what to whom,but who upholds the basic spirit of law?

  2. Justice must be blind ans shouldn’t strike their hammer for public consumption.

  3. Well, he is going to cut him into pieces now.

  4. I don’t understand the character of this CJ.

    He took oath under PCO in the hands of Musharraf two time. He has got himself to clear from the charges labelled against him under the constitutional judicial supreme council.

    He didn’t care what his son had been doing right under his nose.

    He kept a silence against the severe charges labelled by Raza Abedi.

    Very very mysterious person.

    Now once his driver aitazaz ahsan accused him for siding Nawaz Sharif.

    And now he doubted loyalty of 2 million dual national Pakistanis and strangely enough found supprters like you

  5. Chor ko per gaya mor

  6. Shutup, he is no ordinary person. the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT); the Minhajul Quran International (MQI); the Idara-e-Minhajul Quran (IMQ); and the Tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran (TMQ) are all his wonders.

  7. Honourable CJ is 100% right. The questions being asked of Mr Qadri are all valid questions ‘cuz if you look at Mr Qadri’s modus operandi since he showed up back in December, it indeed smells a rat!!! Looks like “Khud-Pasand Qadri Sahib ko lainay kay dainay parh gai :-)

  8. I’m not sure if the Supreme Court is the defender of the Constitution or Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz? The judges are asking TUQ that why should we open pandora box on your request? Even if there’re illegalities committed? Is that not Doctrine of Necessity? Which the Supreme Court said it has burried for ever?

  9. Mr Altaf is doing great service to Pakistan and so is TUQ. What a joke? CJ is 100% right in asking all these question in order to see if he really cares about Pakistan or just doing dirty politics for others.

  10. If Mr.Altaf Hussain, being a citizen of UK, can actively participate in politics here, why Dr. TUQ cannot, do politics here. If he is asking for reformation of ECP, what is wrong with that?

  11. Dajal is paid servant of Ganjas. TUQ is right in his petition, even his opponents say that.

  12. Kutt@y ali gul hoi hai qadri k sath

  13. Rozay bukhswanay gaya tha, namaz l ker a gaya

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