Chief Justice Cut Qadri to Size

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After so much time, today I am extremely happy with the Chief Justice of Pakistan and his court. He is really representing the beacon of justice and another pillar of state, defending the democracy and its components and judicially dealing with the anti-state elements.

TuQ, The Tahir ul Qadri cut his own feet when he entered a petition in the Supreme Court. How on Earth he thought that Supreme Court would go against the justice? I don’t know what is in the mind of Chief Justice, but the way he has treated Qadri so far is simply fabulous.

Qadri went to the court with utmost arrogance and extreme self-righteousness. Attired in his white tent with black overall, he entered in the hallways of court with intelligent frowns on his forehead, with ramrod neck and glaring eyes. He was kept waiting for three hours for his case, and then he waited two hours to come to rostrum.

After five hours, not only all of his air had escaped, his supporters were also trying find their breath. Qadri eas embarrassed to limits when he tried to praise the Supreme Court, but Chaudhry Iftikhar cut him short and started asking about his Canadian citizenship. In his left-over arrogance, Qadri said that it was not the question. Chief Justice scolded him and said that question would be what would be asked by the Apex Court.

Chief Justice nailed it where it belonged, when he remarked that how a Canadian citizen demand that the election commission of Pakistan should be changed?

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