Chaudhry Nisar’s Ego and Election Commission

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The regular readers of TPS know that I am big time fan of PML-N, its leadership, its progressive approach, its constructive projects, and better governance. Any rational, reasonable, fair, and honest person would agree that Punjab government under PML-N has shown much better performance as compared to Islamabad and other provinces.

Having said that, I believe that it’s about time that the PML-N top leadership should get rid of Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. Nawaz Sharif was brought and propelled in politics by the Zia through agencies. During that time, Chaudhry Nisar’s brother General Iftikhar Ali Khan was the main person to facilitate between military and the Muslim League. So that was the importance of Chaudhry Nisar.

Then Nawaz Sharif became a rebel and started asserting himself and refused to kowtow to generals. On Chaudhry Nisar insistence he made Musharraf COAS out of turn, a decision he repents this date, and reaps the ugly fruits. Now Nawaz Sharif is anti-establishment, and stands for the democracy and hasn’t become toy of establishment to topple the PPP government.

Nawaz Sharif also get rid of establishment puppets like Chaudhry Nisar. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan is one of the most arrogant and egoistic person in parliament, and in our national politics. He has created  so much bitterness  between PML-N and MQM, and PML-N and PTI, that they stand oceans apart. He has damaged the good name of PML-N and its top leadership. He is a dictator in himself.

In Wah and Taxila constituencies, Chaudhry Nisar acts like a Pharaoh. Due to his this approach, the educated population of Wah has defeated him once. But rural and uneducated biradari of Chauntra and Chak Bailee Khan vote for him, which is sad, but that is rural politics of Pakistan.

Now in his sheer arrogance Chaudhry Nisar refuses to show his degrees to the Election Commission. I hope ECP renders him incapable to contest elections, and may be PML-N would get rid of this black spot.

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