Chairman NHA Shahid Ashraf Tarar Is Above Law

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Motorway police fined Chairman NHA Shahid Ashraf Tarar twice within 25 minutes on same day for the same offense. Not only Chairman NHA was fined, he was also furious both times with the officers and used abusive and threatening language.

He followed those threats with action and now the 4 motorway patrol officers are being victimized.

On April 29th this year, chairman NHA was speeding way over speed limits on the Peshawar-Islamabad motorway. When near Burhan, motorway patrol officers signaled him to stop, he didnt and sped away. He was fined for over-speeding near Ghazi interchange. He paid Rs. 1250 and became abusive and threatening. He was fine again for overspeeding minutes after near Rashkai interchange by another 2 officers.

Then by using his clout and connection, chairman NHA got the officers transfered to Gwadar. Patrol officers challenged that in services tribunal and case is lingering on and these officers are wondering what to do. Ziaullah and his accompanying officer Zulfiqar Ali were the first to challan the chairman, and then the other two officers were Amjad Ali and Wajida Begum.

Chairman NHA lodged a false complaint against the officers. For first two, chairman said that they were unshaven and for the female one he said that she was carrying her child. Both have proven to be false. One hopes that government set an example here. They must expel this chairman NHA from service and reward these officers.