Ch Nisar is Sheikh Rasheed of Press Conferences

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If Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad has broken the records of exclusive interviews in talk shows, Chaudhry Nisar has also made new records of meaningless yet important-looking endless press conferences almost every week.

Nisar’s ego is not only mammoth, its also very sensitive. If you criticize him for anything, expect a lengthy afternoon press conference in which he would repeat himself to death, posing himself an angel of principles who never did anything wrong and then he would go on to bash you for whatever he likes while not forgetting to mention that he was asked to not to do this presser.

Yeah that’s another linchpin of this Rajput of Chakri. He adamantly barges into the Prime Minister house before every presser, announces to PM that he is going to do the presser and would not spare PPP, judiciary and everyone else and if PM doesn’t like it, he was ready to tender his resignation.

PM, scared of Pindi, just shrugs his shoulders and looks other way and Nisar triumphantly goes to Punjab house with people like Saleh Zafir in toe to tease the heck out of reporters. Nisar is just a talker and he wants attention and media limelight. Give him a mike and then go to sleep as he would go on for hours.

Justice Isa, who recently exposed Nisar’s incompetency also got a press conference as he dared to pinpoint Nisar’s inability to deal with interior ministry. Would Justice Isa issue him a contempt of court?

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