Celebrate Every Day This Year As Valentine’s Day

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Don’t wait for some Valentine’s day, birthday or wedding anniversary to tell your wife “I love you.” Do it today. Do it everyday. Make her feel special. Do not bring office work to your home by talking about it all the time. Do not argue with her or cause her pain. Instead, share her pain.

It does not hurt to buy one’s wife little gifts like a perfume or flowers to make her happy. It is a small act of love and care and yet it has a great positive impact on marriage. A gift does not have to be a diamond ring. It can be anything inexpensive and yet fill her heart with joy.

This goes to wives as well. Do not nag or complain endlessly. Instead, show your husband respect. In return, he will shower you with love. The biggest problem in marriages today is wives who wait for the husband to give them love before they show some respect, and husbands command respect before they show some love.

This whole battle has resulted in divorce rates today shooting through the roof. Marriage is not so that husband and wife compete with each other, but instead, it is to complete each other.

Celebrate Valentine’s day today, tomorrow, and every day for the rest of the year.

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