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The Tyranny of Negative Narratives

By Brig. (r) Junaid Zaman • Feb 15th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics (Urdu), Worth A Second Look

On the lighter note, some would say that it is perhaps in the habits of us uniformed and ex-uniformed people to make and break and edit pairs of politicians according to our own views of what’s best for the country. Treading on that fringe, let me air my opinion that wouldn’t it do wonders for [...]

Will Karachi Ever Fight Back?

By Salman Mugsi • Dec 12th, 2012 • Category: Lead Story, Politics (Urdu), Worth A Second Look

The unbreakable blood-soaked saga of target killings is what makes up Karachi of today. The 5th International Urdu Conference and the 8th Karachi International Book Fair may be projected with high fanfare in media, but that’s not the true picture. We must not deceive ourselves with this fake display of peace items, because they are [...]

Eteraf By Farah

By Farah Rizwan • Jul 9th, 2011 • Category: Politics (Urdu)

This is the first piece written by Farah and it really touches new heights of imaginations and she will carry on doing that on these pages so stay tuned.

How I Became Girl in Wah Cantt ? Hazro Wali Tells Her Story

By Amna Gilani • Jan 12th, 2011 • Category: Misc, Politics (Urdu)

One of reader has graciously sent this stunning and eye-opening story from the small town of Wah Cantt in North Punjab. Lets hear this story from the tongue of the Wah Cantt girl herself: Hazro was my village. It’s a backward area in Chuch region at the border of Punjab and NWFP. Though [...]

Javed Leghari, Chairman HEC, New Dariling of Media

By Tazeen • Jul 18th, 2010 • Category: Politics (Urdu)

The Chairman of the Higher Education Commission, Prof Javed Leghari has become the darling of media these days as he is the man who is going to decide about the status of the degrees of the parliamentarians. Javed Leghari is a poor sacrificial goat, who is ready to be sacrificed on the altar of war [...]

From the Dark Continent

By Tariq • Jul 11th, 2010 • Category: Politics (Urdu)

An eye opening article in tabular pictoral form illustrating as what the is the ration of the AIDS in the African continent which is badly hit and needs immediate attention of the world.

I Predicted This Before…

By Naveed Baloch • Feb 19th, 2010 • Category: Politics (Urdu)

Sacha Kon

By Hamid Raza • Feb 13th, 2010 • Category: Politics (Urdu)

We Haven’t Lost Yet

By Faraz Beg • Feb 10th, 2010 • Category: Politics (Urdu)

A story written by a friend of mine… Really gives hope in these turbulent times!

Qari Hussain and Suicide Bombers

By Guest Blogger • Feb 4th, 2010 • Category: Politics (Urdu)

By Rahimullah Yousufzai in Jang