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PIA Video of Rehman Malik and Ramesh Kumar

By Hina Safdar • Sep 16th, 2014 • Category: Politics

Rehman Malik of PPP and Ramesh Kumar of PMLN were thrown off and off-loaded from the Pakistan International Airlines PIA flight PK-237 which was going from Karachi to Islamabad. Flight was firstly on time but just because Rehman Malik was late, the flight was kept waiting for him for 3 hours.
Ramesh Kumar, the MPA of [...]

Rehman Malik Thrown Out of PIA Flight

By Haris Hashmi • Sep 16th, 2014 • Category: Politics

At last a good news from the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) after a long long time. Due to the Rehman Malik, PIA flight from Karachi to Islamabad was delayed for nearly 3 hours. When senator Rehman Malik of Pakistan People’s Party arrived, crew and passengers blasted him and he ran away with his tail between [...]

Kaira, Hamid Gul Part of Script

By Sameer Shaharyar • Sep 15th, 2014 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look

Javed Hashmi keeps spilling the beans and the more he speaks the more Imran Khan drowns into the abyss of shame. Yesterday, Javed Hashmi gave more details about the ‘Sazish March’ and confirmed the role of retired generals, present chief justice and Angels in the conspiracy.
One thing which has been disclosed by the PPP sources [...]

Supreme Court and Present Political Crisis

By Mahboob Popatia • Sep 14th, 2014 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look

Chapter 1 of Part 11 of Pakistan’s Constitution, comprising Articles 8 to 28, deals with the fundamental rights of the citizens. Article 17 says: “Every citizen, not being in the service of Pakistan, shall have the right to form or be a member of a political party . . . .”
Obviously the right to form [...]

No Free Lunches

By Rizwan Nasar • Sep 13th, 2014 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look

It boggles my mind that the nation is in turmoil yet our politicians are still trying to fool the people every which way possible. First it was the terrorists who had kept up with their ruthless murder and killing of innocent before the military finally decided to go after them.
But the sad truth is that [...]

Shahbaz Sharif Flood Relief Efforts are Amazing

By Sameer Shaharyar • Sep 12th, 2014 • Category: Politics

Nature’s fury wrecked havoc in the plains of Chenab and Jehlum and now heading towards the border of Punjab. Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif wrote a new history of tireless efforts and unprecedented relief work. He is walking with the flood flow, ensuring that damage can be as minimum as possible.
Remember, we are a developing [...]

Irfan Siddiqui’s Brother for VC AIOU

By Faiza Iqbal • Sep 12th, 2014 • Category: Politics

Lifafa journalist Irfan Siddiqui is about to get another blessing and favor from his Master Sharif. His brother is all set to become the vice chancellor of Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad. Irfan Siddiqui himself is advisor to fake Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, and  now his brother is here too to share the loot.
Professor Shahid [...]

Nawaz Sharif’s Eroding Legitimacy

By Mahboob Popatia • Sep 12th, 2014 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look

The legitimacy of a prime minister in democratic system is dependent on two things: one, support of the majority in a parliament that has come into existence through a fair and transparent electoral process as provided in the constitution and, two, the satisfactory fulfillment by the government of the responsibilities for which it has been [...]

PTI Involved in Karachi Target Killing to Malign MQM

By Salman Mugsi • Sep 11th, 2014 • Category: Politics

After failing to create anarchy and chaos in Islamabad and Punjab, PTI and their handlers have decided to go beyond those regions and also create nihilism and mobocracy in sensitive city of Karachi. Karachi is already prone to violence and misrule and is ideal for such adventure. PTI is hoping to get multiple benefits for [...]

Is Imran Khan Drug Addict?

By Rohail Butt • Sep 11th, 2014 • Category: Politics

“Chursee - Kaday Na Mursee” is the phrase which is used throughout Pakistan to mock the drug addicts that when they get high they don’t listen to reason and think that they are amalgamation of Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato. The way Imran Khan is performing in the Azadi March could be miracle of some magic-pill.
Imran [...]