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Pakistan Cricket: The consistent inconsistency needed to be capped

By Muhammad Asif Khan • Mar 23rd, 2015 • Category: Features

Another World Cup, another ouster, another spell of outrage and yet another slogan of revamp, the follow-up of the 2015 World Cup is not different from the one after 1996, 1999, 2003, 2007 and even 2011, where Pakistan qualified for the semi-final of the mega event.
There are two questions
·         Why Pakistan failed to finish at [...]

Low-Chill apple successfully grown in Sindh Pakistan

By Farzana Panhwar • Mar 17th, 2015 • Category: Features

Apple Scientific name is Malus domestica. It is deciduous trees belong to the family Rosaceae. It originated in Central Asia, now grown in most parts of the World. It has more than 7,500 cultivars. Most apple required winter chilling to produce flowers. Winter or minimum chilling requirement defined as the number of hours per year, [...]

Longan successfully grown in Sindh Pakistan

By Farzana Panhwar • Mar 9th, 2015 • Category: Features

Longan Scientific name is Dimocarpus belong to the family Sapindacea, lychee also belong to the same family. It is sub-tropical fruit. Native to Southern Asia. Also called poor cousin of lychee, Dragon eye or Euphoria. Its vernacular are: English –Longan, French-Longanier, Oeil de Dragon, Indonesia-Leng Keng, Malaysia-Leng Keng, Thialand-Lamyai and Vietnam-Nahan. Longan has numerous cultivars [...]

Sharmila Farooqi Wedding Photos and Video

By Sharafat • Mar 6th, 2015 • Category: Features

At last Sharmila Farooqi has married her love of life Hasham Riaz Sheikh and the couple is very happy. Sharmila is so excited that she is posting her selfie pictures on the social media and telling every body. She even reached to the assembly to cast her vote in senate elections.
Sharmila Farooqi is beautiful, intelligent, [...]

Hum Jins Larkiyan in Islamabad

By Amna Gilani • Mar 5th, 2015 • Category: Features

In today’s column of Ansar Abbasi in the Jang, he mentioned a news story filed by one of his reporter Anjum Rasheed about a fake lady doctor in Islamabad very near to the constitution avenue in the posh area who was cajoling and then blackmailing the girls.
It’s been a long time that Ansar Abbasi, the [...]

Low chill peach and nectarine varieties suitable for Sindh Pakistan

By Farzana Panhwar • Feb 28th, 2015 • Category: Features

The Peach (Prunus persica) is a tree native to China. It is a deciduous tree; belong to Sub-family Prunideae, Sub-genera Amygdatus having corrugated shell of the fruit. Nectarines are type of peach, belong to same species. Peaches are classified as stone fruit or drupes. There are 2,000 different cultivars of peaches.
The World total production in [...]

2015 Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers Trend

By Amna Gilani • Feb 23rd, 2015 • Category: Features

You wouldn’t believe it if you are living in a cave or as a social outcast, but the truth is that in2015 Pakistani girls mobile numbers trend is raging probably the most highest among any other thing. Boys are getting maniac in obtaining the girls mobile numbers  in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and other cities [...]

Table grape (Angoor) varieties in Sindh Pakistan and its benefits

By Farzana Panhwar • Feb 20th, 2015 • Category: Features

Grapes are deciduous woody vine, belong to genus Vitis and scientific name is Vitis Vinifera. There are 5000 to 10,000 varieties of Vitis Vinifera, but few are commercially important for wine and table grape production. In the United State, native species of grape include Vitis Labrusca (which include the Concord grape) and Vitis Rotund folia [...]

Cancer fighting vegetable comparison

By Farzana Panhwar • Feb 12th, 2015 • Category: Features

The Pink cabbage is better than our own cabbage (bund Gobi) for cancer patient as being claimed does it have any research proof? Red cabbage contains anthocyanidns flavonoid, they act as an antioxidant and protect against some cancers. Anthocyanin is naturally occurring pigment, that give fruit and berries their red, blue and purple color. The [...]

Chiniot Iron Ore Reserves Fortune and Jobs

By Ali Yar Khan • Feb 11th, 2015 • Category: Features

After Reko-diq, nature has blessed Pakistan with equally precious treasure in Chiniot area of Punjab. The treasure trove of Iron ore and copper is worth hundreds of thousands billion dollar and can change the destiny of Pakistan. From an agricultural country, Pakistan can be a mining giant.
According to the source, the Punjab government has [...]