Can the war by terrorists be called ‘Jihad’?–Imran Khan thinks, yes

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As reported today in the national press that, on Wednesday in Peshawer, Imran Khan did a press conference and implied that the terrorists are justified in fighting our state, our forces and us. So, the veiled jihadist removes the veil finally. Imran Khan gives this obnoxious ‘Fatwa’ and declares the war of terror, a jihad, in “tribal belt” by combined dark forces of Al-Qaeda, Talibans and various gangs of the warlords and drug mafias. This is against us and our Pakistan and we must refuse and reject this ‘Fatwa’ from this chronic jihadist on behalf of the forces of evil the ‘brave warriors’ the Talibans, the same barbarians who go around shooting our innocent daughters and sons, like the attackers of Malala. What is even more detestable is the timing this mad man selects and the occasion. He attempts to incite the innocent masses to take arm in the name of jihad in the guise of sympathy for the victim. What a trickery! The man is asking the victims of terrorism to support their brutalizers the attackers, the very murderers. Thank you, Mr Imran Khan, thanks for this invitation to “Jihad”—— but no thank you!—–Khan Sahib go and fight your jihad but not with our blood.

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