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Can the war by terrorists be called ‘Jihad’?–Imran Khan thinks, yes

By Uza Syed • Oct 12th, 2012 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 26 Comments

As reported today in the national press that, on Wednesday in Peshawer, Imran Khan did a press conference and implied that the terrorists are justified in fighting our state, our forces and us. So, the veiled jihadist removes the veil finally. Imran Khan gives this obnoxious ‘Fatwa’ and declares the war of terror, a jihad, in “tribal belt” by combined dark forces of Al-Qaeda, Talibans and various gangs of the warlords and drug mafias. This is against us and our Pakistan and we must refuse and reject this ‘Fatwa’ from this chronic jihadist on behalf of the forces of evil the ‘brave warriors’ the Talibans, the same barbarians who go around shooting our innocent daughters and sons, like the attackers of Malala. What is even more detestable is the timing this mad man selects and the occasion. He attempts to incite the innocent masses to take arm in the name of jihad in the guise of sympathy for the victim. What a trickery! The man is asking the victims of terrorism to support their brutalizers the attackers, the very murderers. Thank you, Mr Imran Khan, thanks for this invitation to “Jihad”—— but no thank you!—–Khan Sahib go and fight your jihad but not with our blood.

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  1. >the forces of evil the ‘brave warriors’ the Talibans, the same barbarians who go around shooting our innocent daughters and sons, like the attackers of Malala.

    I condemn the attack against the poor innocent girl, but why isn’t there any uproar over the tens of thousands of Malalas killed by the U.S. in Pakistan, tens of thousands of Malalas butchered in Iraq, tens of thousands of Malalas slaughtered in Afghanistan, tens of thousands of Malalas murdered in Palestine, etc, etc. The tens of thousands of Malalas rap*d in Chechnya, rap*d in Bosnia, rap*d in Kashmir, etc, etc. Besides, is there any concrete proof that the act was actually carried out by the Taliban. There have been reports, videos, theories, etc, against the Taliban in the past that have turned out to be fake.

    As for terrorism, in many bombings in crowded places, American and British agents were found carrying out the acts to malign the name of God fearing mujahideen. American and British agents in the guise of the Taliban setting tents in various places. I am not in favour of the Taliban, but their “evil” is nothing compared to the “evil” of the U.S. All the atrocities are committed by the U.S., which has cost Pakistan over 5 billion dollars in the so called war on terror, and then they hand Pakistan a few pennies during the flood and act as a friend.

  2. Imran Khan is confused, very very confused. He actually doesn’t know as what are his objectives. He tried to play up his majority in conservative Punjab by adopting anti-US posture, but his followers or fans are mainly Westernized youth. He doesn’t know which side to take.

  3. Uza, zaban kat loon ga agar Imran sir k baray mien fazool baat ki to. Is ghutiya website ka hashar nashar ker doon ga. social media is ours and we know very very well how to protect it.

  4. @6 : SHut up! You Potians are really disgusting . stop barking !

  5. Ayaz Niazi @5: “zaban kat loon ga agar Imran sir k baray mien fazool baat ki to” —– Wonderful! but, alas, even this is not original. Must you prove over and over and over again that you and the rest of the morons supporting a dumb apologist are totally and completely devoid of something called brain. Go and refresh your memory or go back watch one more time Hafiz Hamdullah giving this warning to one of your bigger idiots called Dr. Arif Alvi. O’ it would have been spectacular scene on live TV watching one ‘Fundo’ doing it to other ‘Fundo’. I waited hopefully but “Tamasha Na Hua”, alas.

  6. Uza,
    You yourself seemed to be confused and making hosh posh of issue in your article. You probabaly want to target a politician in making on the doings of terrorists. Everyone has taken the attack on Malala very seriously and of course, its pitty a state. But Imran is fighting a different mindset. He had taken out rally to address the griveinces of victims of drone attacks in which suposedly own Govt has due share. Now why Imran pinches you, needs a detail explaination from your side.

  7. Mr. Imran, You statements are tell-tale evidence that Pakistan is rapidly moving towards stone age. If learned men like you can utter these words, then God save the rest of your country.

  8. I’m very much permanent resident of Karachi by birth from interior Sindh, Pakistan therefore don’t take any other impression. Mr. Ashoka this is our Pakistan, don’t poke your filthy nose, neither IK didn’t ask/invite to any Indian to come advise mind your own business pls. What’s better for betterment for this country we know the pulse of the general public better than you/Indian administration & the US/NATO countries.

  9. The problem with our nation is that we end up saying,what should have been pondered over seriously in the first place..Uza is well within her right to subject Imran to censure.But at the same time,why is it that over here in Pakistan,every one seems to be in a great hurry to reach conclusions-albeit noxious ones.The stunning part of all this debate is that a political Tom like Imran khan can stir hornet’s nest with his careless volley of political sloganeering ,whereas scriptures like Holy Quran, containing a trove of material on as hot a issue as Jihad,are either forgotten in the mess of hurried up comments or are side tracked for the narrow personal views of individuals.It feels great to have people talking about Jihad and its multiple aspects,and feels even more so,when the race to trot out one another in the comment section gears up,.But no one is sparing a moment to tell:what Quran has to say on this issue,when,jihad, that different sections of Ummah are busy waging ,should be defined in modern context.

  10. A Muslim — There is a Scholar cum Great Poet here-at Karachi & luckily I’ve well acquaintance with him - but this is his prime condition never disclose/appear before MEDIA just work slowly & gradually behind the seven curtains - because he’s a blind follower of standing order of ISHWAR or may say so as per - golden principle of Almighty Allah Jj {do the righteous job silently & no need to inform anyone} — if U’ve time I’d introduce U - certainly U’ll get please right after meeting with him even IK/Mushahid Hussain/Eijaz ul Haq/Munawar Hussain/Ishaq Dar/Ms. Sherry Rehman/ Mazhar Abbass/Rahim ullah Yousafzai & many others met coincidentally & took some lessons from him to remove their own Legal ambiguities - imagine at Ur own end — how would U evaluate yourself - while U’ll start to communicate with him?

    Without going into detail - he’ll teach U - how to pick one of the most IMPORTANT sentence if IK/Gen. Kiyani or RM/AZ delivers something in their respective statement — as per his own ideology there is no need to see the branches of any burning issue just pay attn. on the root cause.

  11. @Ravi

    Yeps.Pleased to know that you are in the midst of right company.True,its not the tree but its branches that contract a disease.But at the same time,if poetry could get us out of our afflictions,I can furnish a lengthy catalogue of great minds having just gone past this generation.But sadly,no one is inclined to read them or pocket their message any more owing to our sadistic way of life.And thanks for the invitation.But before falling to the magic of any couplet,do not forget :poetry has always been a literal intoxication that blurs our sense of identifying the thin line between idealism of the past and the inflammable pragmatism of modern times.Thus Habib Jalib can bring tears rolling down our checks, but can’t help our politicians slot better in yearly reports of Transparency International on corruption.

  12. There is no match with HJ Sb. with him he used to be very serious but about whom I’ve been mentioning he is a jolly man all the time just require fun — all limits are crossed as & when - he attends any funeral/JANAZA he tries to create some eventual fun - & - people start to see each other faces instead of reading prayer then he deliberately disappears. Thereafter funeral attended people realize of some satisfaction for prays.

  13. Whether U believe Me or NOT — he starts right from here - whatever U mentioned here-at followed:

    But before falling to the magic of any couplet,do not forget :poetry has always been a literal intoxication that blurs our sense of identifying the thin line between idealism of the past and the inflammable pragmatism of modern times.Thus Habib Jalib can bring tears rolling down our checks, but can’t help our politicians slot better in yearly reports of Transparency International on corruption.

    Although this is quiet lengthy & dry debatable matter but in short — as per all his stress make a syndicate of think tankers through ISI/Lawyers & Olma e Karam along-with few others equal participation of all the provinces of beloved Pakistan.

    And within two to three weeks stipulated time period right after proper hearing on prima fecie/open cases in simple words (No Secret - In such cases even Evidences & Witnesses are ready made available) — In short - KILL brutally & mercilessly near respective provincial assembly hall of each province the entire corrupt mafia of Pakistan without any discrimination of any high profile designated persona. (High profile designated OFFICERS would be brutally killed — at least in quantity 670 to 700 at least kill them all including BUREAUCRATIC Approach holders / POLITICIANS & Armed Forces Generals.

    Mushaida - Yehi Hay - Duniya - Mein - Kuch - MOSHKIL - Nahi - HOTA -
    Shaiyad Moshkil -Voh - Hota- Jiss - Maslay -Ka- Hull Malom - Nahi- HOTA-

  14. @Ravi

    As a graduate in philosophy,I have learnt two forms by which argument is done and processed into a finished product of wisdom.These two are:Deductive and inductive arguments.Trust my word:Yours are beyond my humanely wit to understand.However the least I could understand was that you wanted me to be either deaf to what is happening around me or feign blindness over every thing taking root.That my dear friend is against the laws of sociology and politics.And I,seriously,hope against hope that usual to your habit of blowing something out of shape,or bending arguments ,you would hold back your forte of circular argumentation.

  15. @Ravi

    So you want the federal government to officially announce the formation of a chorus comprising,ISI flipping through poetical rhymes or blank verses of poets,with federal government providing the feedback to it saying”Irshad,Irshad,Muqarar,muqarar”.Chuckles to my lips.Hope yours are feeling the gravity of these as well.

  16. “…………..blowing something out of shape……………..” I thought provided U the prompt solution. If U don’t agree, its OK for me - many like-minded are in the ques - who are ready to duly acknowledge the same.

    I understand the following:

    Aadmi - Aadmi Say Milta Hay - Per Zehan Kissi Kissi Say Milta Hay-

  17. One more thing as U’re just Graduate in Ur own faculty. The Dean of different faculties feel good to sit with him & always pleased while they do any academic discuss.

    O Yes - By the way according to him the biggest Philosopher of entire universe is SATAN/IBLEES how much U agree with him because he declares even graduate of Philosophy is master is attention diversion from perfect solution of any burning issue — like a seventeen year youthful charming lady - kindly educate me, as a kindergarten student as I’m not like him.

  18. @Ravi

    Thank you for ,at least, telling me that you were being guided by Ibless.Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But at campus,they didn’t teach me from the book of ibless. How unfortunate?But finally I have bumped into some one who teaches about him and knows some one-perhaps -a guru- who is the bosom -buddy to Ibless. Ask your guru to have a campus opened in that great master’s name-The Satan.

  19. andan arshad mansoori commenting as ravi bharadwaj

  20. And what do U know about Dr.Pinky Shah & TBP have U ever discussed any burning issue with them?

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