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Brig Imtiaz : What Exactly He Wants ?

By Salman Mugsi • Aug 29th, 2009 • Category: Politics, Worth A Second Look • 7 Comments

Brig (r) Imtiaz, the ghost of past, has suddenly appeared out of the blue to haunt many in the establishment and political arena. On daily basis, he is revealing something new about the past. Regardless of the authenticity of his claims, he has surely managed to capture the attention at the national and even at the international level. With his appearance, many other ex-army men have also come out and they are telling their own stories.

Maj (r) Nadeem Dar, who actually produced the Jinnahpur from the offices of the MQM has also spoken and so is the former director Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Malik Mumtaz Ahmad. Brig (r) Imtiaz is the one who has opened up the Pandora Box and now everyone is slinging mud and the nation wonders who is right and who is wrong, because every anchorperson at the private channel is tryng to muddy the waters as much as possible to get more attention.

Brig Imtiaz says that he still knows much but will divulge the facts as the time comes. He has already revealed much. He says that he gave away money to the Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, and he says that Humuyan Akhtar Khan also enjoyed the looted money, who is the son of a former general. He also alleged that Ghulam Mustafa Khar, once popular leader of PPP was linked to Indian spy agency RAW. He also says that Hameed Gul sent money to Altaf Hussain, who refused to take it. He also said that the pictures of Nusrat Bhutto with President Ford were also fake. He also talked about giving money to politicians and he also admitted horse trading.

Brig. Imtiaz also holds property of billions throughout Pakistan and there is also allegation that he holds foreign accounts. He has also been convicted by the court and got relief through NRO. Malik Mumtaz has said that a corruption case was lodged with the FIA after the brigadier’s removal during the Benazir government. Brig. Imtiaz revelations smells of a rat. Why he didn’t break the silence before? Why now?

It seems that Brig Imtiaz is a stooge and he is there to divert the attention of the masses from the issue of Musharraf’s trial and NRO. Now everyone is talking about the Brig. Imtiaz and his revelation and about other ex spy masters and the Musharraf has gone into back burner. It’s good to clear the past, but we must keep eye on the present.

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7 Responses »

  1. Q:Brig Imtiaz : What Exactly He Wants ?
    A:(right now) Nothing !, because the chances are that he already has been paid in full, to speak the “truth”

    BUT if more cash inflow comes his way it will stimulate his brain cells and he will recall more of the “truth”

    the sponsors are dilibrately keeping it light fearing that too much of cash may have him divulge all the “truth” so they dont want the murder of benazir going to nawaz sh

  2. I think the case is the reverse of this. Musharraf’s case has been thrown out by the supreme court and the parliament is also reluctant to pursue it (other than one party).

    The real game here is to contain NS and the elites of central Punjab. Pakistan has become too big and wants to come out of the shackle hold of Central Punjab. And the real reason why Musharraf is hated so much in those quarters is that he opened up and democratized the Pak army by changing the rules that recruitment should be on the basis of population from all four provinces. And hence the representation of Punjab in the army is coming down to 51% (from 70%) and there has been a massive amount of recruitment from Sindh and Balochistan in recent year (both in soldiers and officers). This is the real crime of Musharraf, and that is why they want to hang him.

    The good news is that the army no longer thinks along the lines of the elites of central Punjab. It rightly thinks that in order for Pakistan to survive the army needs balanced representation from all regions. Also the means of communication (internet, Live news and cellular revolution) have grown to such an extent that it is no longer possible to control the thought exchange and grouping capability of the people. The days of domination central punjab are numbered (no matter what gimmicks NS plays).

    Punjab should be broken up into at least 3 parts, for the betterment of the poor of Potohar and Seraiki area (whose resources are eaten up by central punjab), but more importantly for making the whole of Pakistan stronger.

  3. He is purposely been activated.
    Army house is very disturbed these days as musharf is feeling very insecure after withdraw of deputed army men from his security.
    Media has successfully contributed to take off security of ex COAS from UK so now army men are using media power to gain something surely some thing is cooking wrong in the minds of crack pots
    One thing is very surprise that no general lover is replying me that what are punishments of perjury , creating false proofs or accepting wrong doings during services in army done by senior uniform officers.
    This is chance that our well reputed, organized,highly modern army dont bother about serious personal crimes that ensued human massacres in specific areas.
    Why no body is threatening to baba imtiaz of his high profile revelation as all see that even small journalists are sometimes, warned, bugged, chased or even killed if they follow some kind of investigative reporting like that.
    So curiosity to see who is real controller behind the satanic character of Imtiaz, surely some monster like creature can only provide shield to him, not less than it cant permit him to open his mouth profusely in front of public

  4. He is hurting the Punjabi establishment. Punjabi establishment never want a sindh base party in power. Either the punjabi establishment bribe ppl to out PPP or set an operation against MQM and labled them as traitor, RAW-agent, torturers, murderers, killers.

  5. Nadeem Dar,
    You are a punjabi. If Ishaq Dar is punjabi why can’t Nadeem Dar be a punjabi and punjabis hate urdu speaking and you are one ampngst them.

    You are a punjabi as well and also hate urdu speaking people. My self is punjabi but with exception and love urdu speaking people and ready rodie for them

    We (all the rest of Pakistanis) owe themthem a lot as only because of them we are living in a free and independent country.

    We (punjabis) has only usurping the rights of others in this country and this is the right time we should amend our ways before it’s too late.

  6. @ KazimShah

    Sahi kaha brig imtiaz na punjabi establishment aur punjab ki pant otar ker poori dunya ma un ki asliyat zahir ker di ha.

    Zara ghoor karo is mulk ma jin jin ko ghaddar karaar dia gaya wo sab GHAIR PUNJABI thay is ka illawa wo sab ka sab SECULAR thay, aur un ma wo Tamam log shamil hain jinhoo na Is Mulk ko banaya ma Madad di thi.

    GM SYED,

    aur wo sooba jahan sa mulsim league Haar gaye thi wo aaj is mulk per hakumat ker raha ha apni army aur abadi ki bunyaad per.

    Kaisa bilbila rahay hain PUNJABI sari dunya ko un ki Asliyat Pata chal gaye ha ka kaisai logo ko paisai day ker Logo ka votes ko booto ka neechay roondhtay hain, kaisai logo ko ghaddar da da kar un ka khilaaf operations ker kai logo ka khoon bahatay hain.

    Punjabi Musharraf ka to trial kerna chahtay hain kion ka wo bhi Ghair Punjabi ha, magar hameed gul jaisai admi ko kuch nahi kahtay ka us na PPP ka rastay rooknay ka liye IJI banaye.

    Kaisai Munafik log hain Punjabi.

  7. Brig Imtiaz revelations have several objectives (1) To save Mush raff from trial .(2) To improve the image of MQM.(3) to by pass the impending 18th amendment .(4) to re assert the dominance of establishment by making the rival political forces defensive and creating bad feeling among political parties

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