Brig Imtiaz : What Exactly He Wants ?

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Brig (r) Imtiaz, the ghost of past, has suddenly appeared out of the blue to haunt many in the establishment and political arena. On daily basis, he is revealing something new about the past. Regardless of the authenticity of his claims, he has surely managed to capture the attention at the national and even at the international level. With his appearance, many other ex-army men have also come out and they are telling their own stories.

Maj (r) Nadeem Dar, who actually produced the Jinnahpur from the offices of the MQM has also spoken and so is the former director Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Malik Mumtaz Ahmad. Brig (r) Imtiaz is the one who has opened up the Pandora Box and now everyone is slinging mud and the nation wonders who is right and who is wrong, because every anchorperson at the private channel is tryng to muddy the waters as much as possible to get more attention.

Brig Imtiaz says that he still knows much but will divulge the facts as the time comes. He has already revealed much. He says that he gave away money to the Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, and he says that Humuyan Akhtar Khan also enjoyed the looted money, who is the son of a former general. He also alleged that Ghulam Mustafa Khar, once popular leader of PPP was linked to Indian spy agency RAW. He also says that Hameed Gul sent money to Altaf Hussain, who refused to take it. He also said that the pictures of Nusrat Bhutto with President Ford were also fake. He also talked about giving money to politicians and he also admitted horse trading.

Brig. Imtiaz also holds property of billions throughout Pakistan and there is also allegation that he holds foreign accounts. He has also been convicted by the court and got relief through NRO. Malik Mumtaz has said that a corruption case was lodged with the FIA after the brigadier’s removal during the Benazir government. Brig. Imtiaz revelations smells of a rat. Why he didn’t break the silence before? Why now?

It seems that Brig Imtiaz is a stooge and he is there to divert the attention of the masses from the issue of Musharraf’s trial and NRO. Now everyone is talking about the Brig. Imtiaz and his revelation and about other ex spy masters and the Musharraf has gone into back burner. It’s good to clear the past, but we must keep eye on the present.

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