Breaking the deadlock of Kalabagh Dam with wisdom

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The discussion of constructing of Kalabagh Dam has started again after the Lahore High Court directed the government to build it. Unfortunately in Pakistan, we got this naive rule that the province in which the dam is build would get its royalty. Now the problem with Kalabagh Dam is that it is built in city of Kalabagh, which is in the province of Punjab very close to its border with KPK. The proposed dam is affecting the areas of KPK and Sindh but will benefit huge areas of Punjab and some areas of Southern KPK also. Same thing happened in Ghazi Barotha Project that it is built in Punjab but it affected areas of KPK and of course Punjab took its royalty as well its benefits too.

Some people in Punjab are expecting population of KPK and Sindh to just shut up in case of Kalabagh Dam and think about the bigger interest of country and let Punjab get the royalty as well benefit from Kalabagh dam even if it has to sink parts of KPK and Sindh. Now rather then expecting this from people of KPK and Sindh, why not we all as fellow Pakistanis try to address their valid concerns specially the people who will be directly hit by the proposed dam. I guess Mardan, Noshera and Southern Sindh are as part of Pakistan as any area in Punjab which will benefit from it. I strongly believe there are very valid and just solutions available for that deadlock. First is that the borders of KPK and Punjab should be altered to add Kalabagh
to KPK and that how KPK will get dam’s royalty and it can be used to compensate areas which will be affected by the dam. Interestingly very few people know that city of Kalabagh used to be part of NWFP
(currently called KPK) before. That will definitely do not address the concerns of Sindh province. Second and the best option is to get rid of this obsolete rule where the the province in which the dam is built is going to walk away with its royalty even if it sink the neighboring province. That rule sounds as crazy and very unjustified.

The best would be that the dam royalty is distributed in all the affected areas of Pakistan irrespective of the fact which province it is located in.

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