Bosnia Loves Nawaz Sharif and Pakistan and Here is Why

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In early 90s, when Bosnia was facing a war in which they were helpless; Pakistan was the only handful of countries who gave them shelter and thousands of Bosniaks arrived in Pakistan and many still are settled here.

The then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was the first Muslim Prime Minister to visit the war torn Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and provided much needed help in funds, medical aid, tents, and various other things; above all the feeling to Bosniaks that Pakistan was with them.

Sadzida Silajdzic, the then Bosnian ambassador to Pakistan, an Islamic scholar still says that they owe to Pakistan a lot as Pakistan helped them when Europe abandoned them. At that time (and still) Pakistan was already hosting millions of Afghan refugees and its own economy was in shambles, but Pakistan never shirked away from helping their brethren in Bosnia and welcomed them with open hearts and arms. Nawaz Sharif personally supervised the Bosnian immigrants in the refugee village and provided every possible help.

Now once again Nawaz Sharif is the Prime Minister of Pakistan and has been invited by PM of much stable Bosnia. PM Nawaz has received an ecstatic welcome in Sarajevo and has already signed many bilateral agreements. He has experienced some emotional and grateful welcome by many. This friendship between two countries transcends the boundaries.

Pakistani Prime Minister will visit the grave of the first president of the Presidency of RBiH Alija Izetbegović at the Kovači Cemetery. Sharif knew Izetbegović personally because the first time he came to visit BiH was in 1993. Sharif will end his visit on Thursday, after attending the exhibition about Srebrenica in the Gallery “11/07/95” in Sarajevo.

Long Live BiH and Pakistan.