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Blue Area Becomes Public Toilet During Long March

By Ghazala Khan • Jan 17th, 2013 • Category: Politics • 10 Comments

Regardless of the debate of the credibility of the Dr. Allama Tahir ul Qadri and regardless of the legalese of his Islamabad declaration, there is one issue which is very critical and is likely to haunt the people of Islamabad and to those visiting this city for a long time.

One day this long march by Tahir ul Qadri will end, and then it will leave a trail of filth , bald trees, mutilated flower beds, fractured paths and roads, holes, and inches deep filth behind. According to a CDA official, it would take months cleaning the whole of Jinnah Avenue and D chowk and its surrounding area, and it would take perhaps couple of years to repair all of those footpaths and roads where this march is happening, and trees which have been cut will take years and years to grow back if ever.

The jungle around that area and the park between Serena hotel and the avenue has become a public toilet. Though government has provided some sham public toilets, people are preferring to be closer to nature and so that park and jungle is intensely filthy right now. I dont know how and who will clean that.

It would be highly great if Dr. Qadri directs his followers to please clean up this mess. Its great that they have remained peaceful and I have no suspicion on their intent, but it would be great if they also practically show the principal of cleanliness of Islam. I am quite hopeful that they would cleanup the place and its vicinity before leaving.

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  1. Strange Ghazala, strange. Of all the people, YOU! O’my God, Islamabad the beautiful and its Blue Area & the flower beds of D chowk and all that dirt and “filth” that supporters & demonstrators of Professor Qadri created and might leave behind a trail of. But Ghazala this is us the real Pakistanis the dirty filthy us who are forced to live and be confined to our slums and the shanty towns. And that’s what we are protesting against, this just can not continue either we all live as humans or perhaps none. No one has a monopoly over all our resources. No one has a right to loot & plunder our state treasury. This is what Professor Qadri is trying to stop and that’s why it is important for us to support him and not be guilty of being on the wrong side.

  2. Qadri is desperate for some exit strategy right now. Give him that exit fox hole.

  3. @Uza: You see Uza, after creating political space for him, TuQ chickened out. That’s what happens here.

    @TBP: They are good people, simple souls, and I respect their sacrifice. Pity they were used in cold and then were left in cold.

  4. @4: Chickened out, Dr Tahirul Qadri, how? In my opinion he came out better than what most of his haters and critique would expect or give him credit for.There are people who simply cannot be happy for another person’s success and the stance that people like Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan or a bitter Mushahid Ullah take should not be taken seriously. Rather than being happy they would make a point of bringing a flaw or two in that person and I’m sure that’s not you.

    Come on, Ghazala, you know better than that, what kind of immense pressure the man was put under. I mean everyone, almost everyone who is anyone, just dumped the man and left him facing all kind of vicious allegations, character assassination and hurling of muck and what not. On top of all this blaming him for using, actually, abusing the innocent children and women and old for his politics. Frankly, I’ve not seen any one in our politics with as much patience and preparations like him. He handled himself and the crowds extremely well. We must say he created a new and very pleasant tradition of peaceful demonstration and protest here among us who, alas, do not have any tradition of such serious, organized and disciplined protests. If nothing else this would go down in history as his achievements to organize and conduct one of the most effective and wonderful experience and a good lesson and example to emulate in future.

    And you don’t need to despair, I think Dr. Qadri got the ball rolling and proved to the ordinary people that they can force a change and he brought the message home to those who needed bad to be reminded where power really lies. It’s the people, us all, who have power and must assert themselves to bring a change here.

  5. tbp, please don’t use abusive words. Thanks.

  6. Ghazala, instead of complaining, pick up your broom and go clean that place.

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