Blue Area Becomes Public Toilet During Long March

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Regardless of the debate of the credibility of the Dr. Allama Tahir ul Qadri and regardless of the legalese of his Islamabad declaration, there is one issue which is very critical and is likely to haunt the people of Islamabad and to those visiting this city for a long time.

One day this long march by Tahir ul Qadri will end, and then it will leave a trail of filth , bald trees, mutilated flower beds, fractured paths and roads, holes, and inches deep filth behind. According to a CDA official, it would take months cleaning the whole of Jinnah Avenue and D chowk and its surrounding area, and it would take perhaps couple of years to repair all of those footpaths and roads where this march is happening, and trees which have been cut will take years and years to grow back if ever.

The jungle around that area and the park between Serena hotel and the avenue has become a public toilet. Though government has provided some sham public toilets, people are preferring to be closer to nature and so that park and jungle is intensely filthy right now. I dont know how and who will clean that.

It would be highly great if Dr. Qadri directs his followers to please clean up this mess. Its great that they have remained peaceful and I have no suspicion on their intent, but it would be great if they also practically show the principal of cleanliness of Islam. I am quite hopeful that they would cleanup the place and its vicinity before leaving.

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