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On the social media sites, there are springing up meetups groups which are inviting the girls and boys in various cities of Pakistan for the blind dates. The blind dating is not new for the world, but in Pakistan it is quite new and I am really shocked to see such groups and the likes they are receiving and the way people are following them like crazy.

Blind dating means that you hook up with somebody you don’t know and then do whatever both of you want. Some people call it instant love or love without any ropes or conditions. These terms might seem very plausible and sensible in the Western culture, but when it comes to the conservative society like Pakistan, it is totally in-congruent and illogical really.

It is dangerous too. In West, there is law and there is order. If you end up with some wrong person, you always know that the help is just round the corner and the wrong person would think thousands times before harming you or teasing you or before crossing the limits. Here you cannot trust the law and you cannot trust any absurd dating group online. This might very well be a trap.

I would especially like to advise the girls of schools and colleges to stay away from such meet ups and dating pages on Facebook. They are dangerous and they are anonymous. The young, inexperienced and emotional teens might fine it attractive but really it isnt and there is always a dark side of it.

So be online, but be careful.

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