Black Magic in Ramadan

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Black magic is just as possible in Ramadan as it is outside of Ramadan. Some people think that because devils are chained in Ramadan, black magic cannot take place. First off, not all devils are chained. Secondly, not all black magic is done using devils.

It is real naivety that people believe black magic cannot be done in Ramadan, because then people will visit those relatives who they know practice black magic, and become victims. Even though black magic effects can be washed away in Ramadan more easily as compared to outside of Ramadan, precaution is always better. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to get rid of black magic effects even inside Ramadan. People should take precaution.

Due to lack of knowledge out there, and sometimes wrong knowledge, people think and believe that black magic cannot be done in Ramadan. This is completely false. People ought to take care in Ramadan just as they do outside of Ramadan. In this day and age, there is no room for naivety.

Also, as always, watch out for frauds pretending to offer cures. There are many out there, not only in real life but also on websites and blogs, whose purpose is to fool people and then rob them of their hard earned money. Do not become a victim.

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