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Black Magic in Pakistan

By Sumaira Bajwa • Jan 18th, 2009 • Category: Misc • 38 Comments

Despite of the fact that an over-whelming majority of Pakistanis are Muslims and in Islam the black magic is strictly prohibited, many people especially ladies opt towards such activities. Out of sheer hate, jealousy, revenge and greed these ladies go to the amils and such pirs who claim to have mastery over this evil act.

Pakistani cities, towns and villages are littered with such amils who claim to be the expert in breaking the black magic and relieving the people. Though nobody publicly claims to also facilitate in casting the magic over the people, they also indulge in such activities.

It’s a common occurance in Pakistan for ladies to attribute every bad happenning to the imaginery black magic cast by some jealoused relative or enemy. Ladies also indulged in going to amils to cast black magic at their mother-in-laws, or sister-in-laws or to the wives of their sons or brothers and so on.

When a girl remains unmarried for a long time, her mother believes that the marriage of her daughter is  being held by the black magic by some evil relative. When the job of her husband terminates, they also attribute it to the black magic and so on.

To cast the black magic or to get it broken, ladies go to the amils, who often extract lots of money and other things from them and more often than not, these amils also sexually abuse these ladies. In newspapers stories appear on daily basis about some amil raping the girl as he held the girl over the weekend to break the black magic.

Even the educated families are indulged in such activities.

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  1. There is not anything new in ur post . Sorcery is every where in the world ever since one may recal so whats the big deal ? Even the most modern societies have such evils what if here in Pakistan ?
    Seems like prostitution and witchcraft are old and unrootable so write about something else .

  2. tavis is very common in pakistan. i remember my sister in law saying to me that she has a jin in her stomch.

  3. Yes this is a curse on our society, but it cannot be completely wiped out. BUt we do need a legislation about it, banning it as Egypt has banned sorcery.

  4. Especially ladies? Says who? Are you hanging out at these amils dutifully taking down the numbers? What are the sources for your statistics? It seems to me that you are working against women in almost all of your writing. You don’t come right out and say that women should be muffled, hidden, cast down - but that’s the logical last sentence of all of your writing. Surprising to read such accusations from a female “journalist”. These hypothetical women you write about - the ones who get themselves raped or overwhelmingly turn to black magic to cure all their ills - is that every woman in the world? Is there no alternative? No good in the entire gender? Because I haven’t seen any of that in your writing. Do you somehow see yourself as different from them? Are you not a woman?

  5. “It’s a common occurance in Pakistan for ladies to attribute every bad happenning to the imaginery black magic cast by some jealoused relative or enemy.”

    Lucky ladies who blame it all on “Imaginery magic”, this may be true for some, but i’m one damn victim for consistent two years, i dont visit any amils, but have been advised my an “Alim” to read Quran, the people who hate me are so persistent in their attacks that i might take divorce from my husband, and the people who are doing this, their identity is no secret, yet i stand powerless !!!

  6. i dont think its rubbish,it makes sense,everybody tells me im inflicted with this problem too.

  7. i don’t believe in any form of magic even though Islam says it exists

    the thing is if you go to any amil (pick the most powerful one) and ask him to demonstrate even a tiny form of magic (anything that can’t be explained by reasoning; for example, lifting of a small stone in the air without touching it, or anything like that) with the condition that the room in which magic is performed is tightly controlled and monitored by you (the challenger) … he wouldn’t be able to do it even if you offer 1000,000 prize money

    hell … there’s a guy who has an offer of one million dollar to anyone who does that … no one came forward and claim the money in last 10 years or so

  8. ive been suffering frm this black magic for 17 years now, i lost my father a the age of 2 coz of this n now im 24…almost 2 years back i suffered the worst nightmare….i used to be literally molested by whatever it was…i locked myself in my room for months living on just milk and in lahore in the month of june i used to sleep in a thick blanket with any AC or fan….but with tym it all stopped coz we believed we met the right person to bring an end to this… almost 3 weeeks back i ws living the life of a normal girl…have a boyfrnd who loves me n we plan to get married by next year…so like 2 weeeks back i started with the nightmares again…the a week later i found a huge bundle of (maybe my own) hair in my bag….(i would never put it there)…today as i was sittin n talking to my frnd she noticed something in my eye….y pupil were dilated… n even if i go in the light they wont even move a bit…as if nothing wud effect em… n the movement she pointed em out…i dunno why i just slapped her sooo hard on the face….n i dint even intented to do that..i dunno whyy but i just did it!!!! later she took me to some holy man living near her place…n guess wht i find out…me (being the youngest) n my brother(being the eldest) are the victims…n whtever it is…its ere to tke our lives…leaving my mother n sister in complete misery…. now im scared i dunnno wht to do who to talk to where to go… i dunt want whtever happened to me 2 years back to happen again….plzz someone tell me wht to do…where to go…i dunt care abt my life i care about the ones i love…i wanna live for them n with them

  9. Please follow the amal of nails from my post FAQs on Black Magic.

  10. i need help please please

  11. Lets pray that All the People using Satanic & evil powers to create problems for their innocent fellow human beings witness there downfall them selves.We will not give in to their Satanic & evil powers no matter what. Even I lost my father in this war but I swear by the “Lord Of Kaaba” I will teach the perpetrators a lesson that they will never forget.It is a universal law that evil has to taste defeat from the rightous.Its only a matter of time.If the Persian & Roman Empires of the time of Prophet Muhammed (p.b.u.h) faced humiliation and defeat why not these evil doers.Remember if you are on the right then Allah(s.w.t) is with you along with His Messenger(p.b.u.h) and His Progeny(a.s).

  12. Please this

  13. Asalamu Alaikom,

    Yes, the Prophet (pbuh) was himself a victim of black magic. Whoever cast it left him confused about certain events (but not about his faith). And then he was advised by an angel or angels (not sure) to look for a lock of his hair beneath a rock someplace. So he and some friends did, it was knotted. That’s where the the ayat (Wa Min Sharil Nafafati fil 3oqad) comes in (translation: and from the evil of the knots within the strings). So they destroyed the hair and the curse was removed from him.

    Nowadays, people who are weak in their Iman, particularly those from poor regions around the world, cast black magic. They do it for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are wealth, beauty, love and vengeance. These people will not enter heaven and if they go to hajj rumor has it they will not be able to see the Kaba. It is also true that “magicians” in faroun’s times cast illusions that is disguised as magic, but it is only a trick of the eye. That does NOT mean that real magic doesn’t exist.

    If you’re a victim, read surat al Baqara, the surah that starts with (kol aootho birabi il nas), and the surah that starts with (kol aootho birab il falaq) 3 times a day. Also, there’s a saying for the prophet that says that whoever has 7 dates per day is protected from being jinxed (hasad) and from black magic.

    If you feel that the curse is very strong, you must go to a proper Muslim sheikh who will perform an exorcism. He will say repeatedly (In the name of Allah, come out of this body, for he has created other places for you to reside in) in addition to other things.

    Praying for Allah to remove the black magic curse from you is not a bad idea either.

    Hope that helped.

  14. The best cure for black magic is what Sara said and also in CUPPING. Get it done ASAP.

  15. hej my name is saqlain and my mother name is ayesha begum i challenge all black magic doing come and do a black magic on me if they can then i leave black magic for ever contact me any how can accept my challenge

  16. Respected Sir / Madam!

    How many types of “Safli Magic”? Is any cure of Safli Magic’s seven or eight stage? Can u tell me the Amil name or names in Karachi who will have the cure of Safli Magic’s seven or eight stage? Also i need the the Amil’s addresses and contact numbers?



  17. a.o.a mr. khan raza i realy need a help badly coz my all family members are suffering by something unusual my elder sis is in the problem v dnt know dat either it is coz of any amal or z she under the influencens of jinnat sm1 told 2 us dat it ol coz of our home but i dnt blieve dat coz her behavior was strange b4 shifting in dis new home she z the patient of epilepsy 4m last 10years and v ask sm1 he tlod 2us dat its not a diseas she have jinnat on her in his own language 4hwai cheezain 2weeks back she just out of her senses the soul or jin whatever it is talk 2us my elder brother is hafiz e quran he has started the wird of surat u nass and she z gonna restless she start shoutd and her behaviar z fully represent dat she z in hand of jinn plz plz plz plz help me my whole family z suffering coz of her coz v ol love alot and she z unmarried v cant get her married untill she ll nt b fine perfectly i hope bien a muslim u ll defintly help me m a dr. but i do blv ol dis coz bieng a muslim i shud blv it

  18. some one pl help me, some one make a black magic on me and stop my earning. i am unable to earn, ihave sold my all assest. i am on last dtage can u help me.

  19. Hi,

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  20. Yes there are many magicians but there are some spiritual healers too

    The ratio is 1:9
    Which means one spiritual healer against nine magicians
    There are some spiritual healers, one can contact them and try to get rid of magic

    Many people associate everything with magic, even if anybody lose his/her job or something they say it is because of magic, which is totally rubbish.

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