Black Magic in Pakistan

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Despite of the fact that an over-whelming majority of Pakistanis are Muslims and in Islam the black magic is strictly prohibited, many people especially ladies opt towards such activities. Out of sheer hate, jealousy, revenge and greed these ladies go to the amils and such pirs who claim to have mastery over this evil act.

Pakistani cities, towns and villages are littered with such amils who claim to be the expert in breaking the black magic and relieving the people. Though nobody publicly claims to also facilitate in casting the magic over the people, they also indulge in such activities.

It’s a common occurance in Pakistan for ladies to attribute every bad happenning to the imaginery black magic cast by some jealoused relative or enemy. Ladies also indulged in going to amils to cast black magic at their mother-in-laws, or sister-in-laws or to the wives of their sons or brothers and so on.

When a girl remains unmarried for a long time, her mother believes that the marriage of her daughter isĀ  being held by the black magic by some evil relative. When the job of her husband terminates, they also attribute it to the black magic and so on.

To cast the black magic or to get it broken, ladies go to the amils, who often extract lots of money and other things from them and more often than not, these amils also abuse these ladies. In newspapers stories appear on daily basis about some amil raping the girl as he held the girl over the weekend to break the black magic.

Even the educated families are indulged in such activities.

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