Black Magic: A Reality

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Black magic is not something to be read because it makes for an interesting topic, but something that should be taken very seriously. Many people’s lives are being destroyed by it; some are not aware that they are affected, others simply don’t believe in it, and some don’t know how to get cured.

People run towards maulanas, pirs, babas, amils, etc, for taweez or some kind of dum. People don’t need to get entangled in this mess. Everyone can stay at home and get cured with Manzil water. This is the best dum. Another thing is, as we all know, most self-proclaimed Godmen are fake, with many being criminals.

One major thing is consistency with Manzil water. If a person is physically sick and takes some kind of medicine, it will have to be taken with consistency. Similarly, consistency has to be maintained with Manzil water by those affected with magic. No kind of disease can be cured without consistency.

One thing that bothers me is that some people think that they do not need to worry about magic as they pray, read the Holy Quran, do tasbeeh, etc. This is sheer ignorance. Arrogance rather. Just because a person is religious does not make them immune from magic.

We need to take care of ourselves and our children. Everyone is responsible for their safety and that of their family.

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