Bilawal is Not Popular in Punjab – Here is Why

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Failed repetitive launching attempts of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari compelled his father to take the risk of returning home and keep the party alive at least in rural Sindh. In rural Sindh, due to the feudalism, extreme poverty, unavailability of any Sindhi alternative, and decades of unhappiness towards Punjab has kept PPP still relevant.

But that is not enough if PPP, the party headed by Bilawal and his father, wants to rule the country and want to see Bilawal as Prime Minister. His weak Urdu skills, unawareness with local cultures is not that big a problem as he would learn it with the passage of time. He also has the clean slate unlike any other politician in Pakistan as he just the kid starting out. So why Bilawal is not popular in Punjab which is the power center and without which no party can make federal government?

The reason is the baggage he carries in the form of his notorius father. By stroke of luck, riding on assassination of his wife Benazir Bhutto, Zardari became President and his party formed government from 2008 to 2013. It was an era of utter mismanagement, incompetency and above all corruption. From 90s, the reputation of Zardari is of a corruption-guy who also tainted his wife. Zardari never parted witth that reputation.

Zardari ran out of country after threatening establishment and Bilawal got a chance to shine in solo flight. But then it turned out that his strings were pulled by his father and his father’s sister Faryal Talpur. Now Zardari himself has returned and leading everything in public though in the name its still Bilawal. Zardari is FUBAR and there is no way he would be acceptable or popular in Punjab or even in KPK in the near or far future.

That is the reason Bilawal stands no chance because he is managed by his father.

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