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BIEK, Board of Intermediate Education Karachi Result, Inter Arts Group, Science Group

By Sharafat • Oct 25th, 2009 • Category: Misc • 58 Comments

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The Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) has announced the result, Inter Arts Group and the result of Science group will be announce very soon.

Welcome to Intermediate Board of Education Karachi.

Board of Intermediate Education Karachi was established as separate entity in 1974 through the “Sindh Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education amendment act No. 20 of 1973.

This Board has the power to organize, regulate, develop and control Intermediate Education. The controlling Authority of the Board is the Governor of Sindh or his nominee. The Chairman is the principal executive and academic officer of the Board, while the Secretary is the in charge of the academic and administrative Sector and the Controller of Examinations is the In charge of the Examination Section. The above officers and the Audit officer are appointed by the Controlling Authority of the Board, while other officers are also appointed by the Board on the recommendation of the appointment Committee. In the year, 1974, there were only 17 officers and 113 officials, now we have 51 officers and 246 officials. With a view to performing various functions systematically there are Statutory and non-Statutory committees have been constituted.

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  1. Sir can you teel me when karachi board announced Pre-Eng 1st year result?

  2. Sir can you teel me when karachi board announced commerce 1st year result?

    plz email me

  3. sir can you tell me when Karachi board announced arts 1st year result?

  4. sir can you tell me when Karachi board announced arts 1st year result? my email address is ( ) plz in from me at my email address

  5. Sir can you tel me when karachi board announced commerce 2nd year result?

  6. sir can you tell me when Karachi board announced arts 1st year result?

  7. sir can you whenkarachi board will announced 1year commerce result?

  8. I have paid Rs.240 for the rechecking of my Accounting paper more then one and a half month ago which you people have not checked in an efficient manner, and i am still waiting for the result of thet rechecking but i think you people have intented not to reply me before my B.Com admission????????


  10. sir plz tell me the 1st year commerce result what date announced plz mail in my e mail address

  11. sir can u tell me intermediat combained result?my roll no.659017

  12. sir plz tell me first year com ka result kab aye ga or kitna wait karen

  13. it is request to board of office plz.

  14. sir plz tell me 1rt year genral group result what date announce plz mail my e mail address zeal_yasir my roll no [ 601452 ].


  16. sir can you tell me when education system will change of karachi plz we need to change it becuase over education system is to old and not good for us plz inform me at my e-mail address

  17. sir plz tel me whn wil my result announce 2nd year supplementary,i wan aget admission in this year.plz inform me at my email-address “”.
    plz its my kind request

  18. sir plz tell me whn will result annousent 2nd year supplementary , i wen aget admission in this year, plz inform me at my email address , plz its my request for u?

  19. plz teel me 2ns year commerce supplymentery results plzzzzzzzzzzz

  20. hi if any one want 2 knw abt any info related to BOARD OR ANY ONE WANT 2 UPGRADE HIS/HER NOS CNTCT ME AT 0345-3381925 OR MAIL ME AT

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