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Biden, Kerry Interest in Pakistan Election 2008

By The Pakistani Spectator • Feb 16th, 2008 • Category: Pakistan Vote'08, Politics • No Responses

Senator Joseph Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, together with senior panel members John Kerry and Chuck Hagel, will observe the elections on February 18. These senators are the bigwigs in the democrat circles of US, and according to these senators their presence in Pakistan shows as how much interested US is in the Pakistani Elections.

Senator Biden seems to have a close eye on what’s happening in Pakistan, and he is spot on when he says that if the polls were rigged then there would riots in the country, and he also urges the state to ensure the free and fair election on coming Monday.

It is a fact that Pakistani rulers more pay attention to what is said from the Washington mouths than from the Pakistani mouths, so these statements and the presence of American senators add some semblance of believe in Pakistanis that after all some US chunks if not all of them are interested in Pakistanis bid for true democracy.

Senator Biden has also touched the nerve, by saying that US should cut the military aid to Pakistan, if the polls are rigged, now that is some serious threat with serious and grave implications for the real rulers.

“It is crucial to the future of Pakistan and the region that these elections are free, fair, and transparent, and our delegation will not only observe the elections closely, but will meet with the region’s leaders and ask tough questions about the way forward.” says John Kerry, and no one only hopes that he means it.

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