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Benazir Employees Stock Option Scheme

By Sher Ali • Aug 20th, 2009 • Category: Politics • 5 Comments

The current Gilani administration has taken a very commendable step which is aimed at empowering and enabling the employees of the public sector organization. They are offering 12% stock options to the employees of their respective organization.

The program Benazir Employees Stock Option Scheme offers stock options from the 80 public organization. This has been lauded by the employees and people are eagerly waiting for this scheme. But this been met with mixed reactions given the mismanagement and not-so-transparent other government schemes. Benazir Income Support Progam has already been in the open and people are criticizing it for favoritism, nepotism and corruption.

The government must make the whole process of application and granting of this program very transparent and accountable. Unions must not be involved in it and the deserving employees should be given preference.

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  1. AOA,
    sir please do something for third party contracual staff .our salary is 12 to 15 thousand only ,u r not doing for us plz do something for us SPS and HRS contarct employees IN PSO

  2. Hi,
    SIr Bibi ki govt main hamesha hum jaisy logon ko confirm kia jata raha hai lakin abhi tak PSO main koi confirmation nhi hoyee hum SPS/HRS third part contract pr kam kr rhy hain bibi hoten to hum kab ki confirm ho gaye hoty plz do somthing for us
    Shares ka haq bhi hamra hona chayhe do something plz

  3. procedure to join

  4. sui northern gas employees still not receive shares of benazir scheme .pleases take necessary step in this regard thanks

  5. what is the legal protection of Banazir stock option scheme introduced by the prresent govt?. Has it come through any ordinace, act of parliment etc. please guide.

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