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Beauties in the National Assembly of Pakistan 2013

By Sharafat • Jun 2nd, 2013 • Category: Features • One Response

Everybody will miss Kashmala Tariq in the new assembly, but the new parliament which has just sworn-in in the Islamabad has got it’s own fair share of charming and lovely ladies who lavishly displayed and showed off their designer clothes, shoes, hand bags, jewelry and the artwork of beauty saloons on their faces and figures.

Though this assembly also contains man-eaters like Shireen Mazari, Tehmina Daultana,

Following are some of the new and old political molls and dolls in the new assembly and as usual all the real good ones have been chosen by hand on the reserved seats from the party leaders:

Maiza Hameed of PML-N:


Shazia Marri of PPP:


Sumaira Malik of PML-N:


Aisha Gulalai of PTI:


Kanwal Nauman of PML-N:


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  1. Maiza is my type of girl, and Gulalai would do too as backup. Rest are old material.

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