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BBC and Workshop for Sex Workers in Karachi

By Amna Gilani • Jul 12th, 2009 • Category: Politics • 32 Comments

Is it shocking that in the Islamic Pakistan we are having workshops for the whores and prostitutes? Now they are trying to train these Pakistani whores as how to carry on their deeds more “professonaly”. Hundreds of sex workers attended the workshop and that happened in Karachi and the organizers say that success of workshop and the extensive demands from other cities have compeled them to hold sex workshop in Lahore and then at the national level.

Instead of punishing people over SMS and emails against the leaders, why not Rehman Malik also put some light on this issue?

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  1. No matter what u feel like, we have to accept that they are a part of society. NO MATTER HOW MUCH HATED.

    We have to accept this fact.

    Two options:

    1>Ban them completely


    2>Educate them properly abt AIDS AND STD.

  2. Shocking

  3. We are seeing a rapid deterioration in every segment of life.

    The comments of Dr. Shahid Masood in his last night’s(11 pm, July 12) program Meray Mutabiq, were very relevant. He compared the declining days of Mughal Empire under Rangeela Shah, to our present day turbulent times. There are really striking similarities.

    Why just blame prostitutes.Their plight is the result of rising poverty in the country. More often than not, poverty forces women into this immoral activity of prostitution. Instead of cursing the symptoms, we need to understand the real underlying problems. It is a undesirable reality that we have to face. Moreover why don’t we condemn the immoral conduct of their male customers. After all, its supply and demand. Wherever there is demand, there will always be supply. But again, the root of the problem is POVERTY!

  4. Comment 8 Typical Aftab S. Alam!

    Intelligent, sharp and no-holds-barred……..

    Hassan Bhai says

    “He compared the declining days of Mughal Empire under Rangeela Shah, to our present day turbulent times.”

    You are good man BUT a young man with a bright future. Soon u will realise the BS of this so called doctor.

    He compared the declining days of Mughal Empire under Rangeela Shah, to our present day turbulent times BUT When did the GOLDEN PERIOD of Akbar came?????

  5. BL,
    Though I wasn’t even born then, nevertheless, from what I’ve heard and read, I guess the government of Z. A. Bhutto during the 70s can be termed as the golden period, may be comparable to that of Mughal King Akbar.

    Aftab Sahab,
    I know very well that such ‘thing’ has continued to exist throughout human history. However immoral it may be, the fact is that it is there. As long as the demand is there, there will always be supply. You’re right to suggest that it should be limited to specific areas and such workshops should be held to educate them on health hazards.

    Though, I don’t agree much on the Dr. Shahid Masood issue, as his analysis was rather general, based on today’s realities.


  6. Hassan, let’s not waste our time on this ‘churnalist’! The less we talk about such characters (no characters!) the better.

    Hassan, you don’t agree with me NOW and it’s your prerogative but, I assure you that, you’ll agree with me later and that’ll be my pleasure!

    By the way, where did you read about 70s being the golden period (of what?) (for who?) [ by the way, people do refer to lot of gold being carried around - would that make it a golden period ?]. 70s started with the greatest national tragedy - dismemberment of Pakistan. Yes, Bhutto had an opportunity to convert this debacle, in which he played a rather nasty role, into an opportunity, but like most of us he was abundantly endowed with the ability to squander away an opportunity and change what could have been success into defeat. Read our history and look critically the role he played in making what became of us as a nation. There is no dearth of literature about the whole murky episode. Having said what I did, I must add that it is true Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, most certainly, was one of the greatest ‘thing’ happend to us all, including himself, and was wasted unfortunately.

  7. Aftab Sahab,
    If 70s was not the best period (let’s drop the term golden period), then which was? It may have not been the golden period, but still things were much much better in the 70s, as compared to all other periods in our nation’s history.

    90s was the decade of disaster

    80s was the decade of dictatorship, the worst and most oppressive dictatorship in our history

    60s was again a decade of dictatorship

    50s was a decade of confusion

  8. this is all the plannings of those people who are against islam they islam is the only religion which has power to give justice to everybody as a result americanz who are under the dominance of israily”s will have the biggest looserz they are the actual terroristz,they want to destroy our culture by culpritz like them think on that but they dont know islam will sooon coming into evere greatest powere again wich give justice to all

  9. The Mohajir community has often been discriminated against. It is really ironic that we Mohajirs whose forefathers played pioneering role in Pakistan Movement have been subjected to such discrimination. Even now, the PPP and PML-N are conspiring to do away with the democratic city government system everywhere, especially in Karachi, where the MQM led city government under Mayor Syed Mustafa Kemal has been working vigorously day and night to make Karachi the best metropolis in Pakistan.

  10. Jis shakhs ka haya khatam ho jaey toa wo jo chahe kare. (Hadith)

  11. imran sb
    it means that you are agree that what ever they are doing is rghit? wow gr8 …..!!!!!!!!!! i hope that u understamd wt i wnna say…

  12. i dont know that dr shahid masood is rghit or wrong …….bt i think that we should check the what make the people to do this act .we have to remove the causes.. and its not just our gvt duty its the responsiblity of the every single person of this nation..suggestion NIKAH K RASTY ASAN KR DO ZNA KHUDI KHTM HO JAYE GA.

  13. I wonder why Ms. Amna here uses slang instead of English in her blogs? I have a feeling she acquired her language skills from hollywood movies and thought the slang used in some of them is actually “English”. Phew !!!

  14. Mr./Miss Andil they are talking about elephant and you are talking about mouse.

    Secondly, we have to save Pakistan. Please start stopping this at your level.

  15. Hello Amna… I am 24, a medical “student”. Great posts.. I have read all ur posts they are great… Simple but really true. I like infact this kind of articles.. Is there any personal blog of u eg on blogger. Please visit mine.. i also posts a bit lyke urs…. I am a lazy man so publish occasionally.

  16. hi, dear.

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