Bakery boy beating case: will it affect PML (N) popularity graph

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PML (N) which was leading from other parties now days got into trouble after the Bakery beating case. IRI survey revealed that popularity graph of PML(N) was increasing day by day but this recent incident of daughter of Shabaz Sharif gave a turn to this lead, now a big question mark is on this popularity graph.
Now this decline or elevation of popularity is wholly dependent upon the results of case, if against the bakery boy then PML (N) will have to face decline in popularity, now it’s all depends on final decision. It’s a big challenge for Shahbaz Sharif now I must say they will look for a mid-way in order to save themselves.
In all this case what I believe if the daughter was responsible for all this, she called the rangers then why Shahbaz Sharif’s son-in-law is presented for remand?? Punishment should be given to his daughter as this is the real justice. Otherwise we know sooner he will be bailed out or in jail, or in remand he will be given extravagant treatment for sure. This is how this system works.

What an eye wash. These are just cosmetic measures by the khadim-e-Aala. Just think for a while What if the incident had never been captured on camera, then that poor bakery boy without any justice, and no punishment for Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter. So what about the several other cases of police high handedness which happen on daily basis and no one even gets to know about them? Whatever he is doing is just being taken to garner votes from the public and nothing else.

Ahh! It’s truly difficult to find sincere people in today’s world; everyone is busy in saving his/her future. But this case is going to change the course of whole ranking for sure.

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