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Ayla Malik Vs Inam ullah Niazi

By Sharafat • Mar 22nd, 2013 • Category: Features • One Response

One of Musharraf’s dolls Ayla Malik is one of the senior leaders of PTI these days. So much near she is to the Imran Khan that even she has been given preference over the cousins of Imran Khan, and cousins are not happy at all.

Hafeez Ullah Niazi, the cousin of Imran Khan, and theĀ  brother of Inam ull Niazi is eating his heart out in his columns these days and is clearly in pain. Inam ullah Niazi is in utter shock and has vanished from the TV screens. Not only Inam Ullah Niazi has been made a mere symbolic figure in the PTI, he is not leading the party in Mianwali constituencies anymore. Ayla of Kalabagh is the lady of the posters.

Imran Khan who is not happy with the outburst of Niazi cousins has even mentioned the fact that where was this cousin of his, when Imran was fighting alone? The simple answer is that the cousin was taking pleasures of powers with PML-N then. As Imran surged ahead, Inam Niazi jumped for Imran and just before last week, he was the most bitter critic of Sharif brothers on the TV shows.

Ayla Malik’s charms are not easily defeatables, though. Commando like Musharraf had to surrender, and Inam is nothing in front of Musharraf.

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  1. She is pretty and there must be some woman in the leadership since Shirin Mazaree left.

    BTW, Khursheed Qasuri is with PTI so what if this babe is in ranks too. May bee MUSH will join PTI too.

    PTI itself can not be in the ruling, it would have to ally with MQM and thats why Immee is so shut-up about mqm

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