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The Pakistani Spectator talal1
The Pakistani Spectator is the founder of this site. Been blogging since 2003 about politics, current affairs and he cannot simply suppress love for true democracy, justice, stability and solid economy.  He is secular, liberal and modern as with everything else on TPS. You can reach TPS at ghazala.khi@gmail.com thumb
Ghazala Khan
She has been roaming the corridors of Blogistan for the last two years, and herself started blogging from March, 2007 because she wanted to let the world know her passionate views about judiciary who started struggling to gain freedom. The movement of lawyers for judiciary carried on and so is the blogging streak of her. You can reach her at ghazala.khi at gmail.com. Ghazala Khan
Hafeez Malik
My name is Hafeezur Rahman Malik. I am an ex-Bank Executive now whiling away my time in teaching and traveling. Each year in summer and winter holidays, I go on a footloose and fancy-free safari to a new country or to a new area of a large country like USA. My travel tales are published by various websites specially www.hubpages.com & www.cstn.org. I live at Karachi, Pakistan with wife family. hafeezmalik1
Prof. Dr. Mansoor Akbar Kundi
Prof. Dr. Mansoor Akbar Kundi is Dean, Faculty of Languages, University of Balochistan Quetta. kundi1
Dan Tow

Dan was born and raised in California, in the US. He married Parva Oskoui, from Iran, in 1991. His daughter, Tira, was born in 1997, his son, Abraham (who goes by “Abe”), in 2002. He is currently making a living in Palo Alto, California, as a solo database-tuning consultant, which he finds a lot of fun – kind of like solving puzzles for a living. When he finds time free of family and career demands, he enjoys science fiction, political theory, futurology, history, games, and puzzles. He has only ever blogged at The Pakistani Spectator, beginning in July, 2007, mainly his musings on political theory, which mainly aren’t especially topical to any news events, so he hopes you might still find them relevant, today.. His education and career details are in his resume at his website. His interview is here.

Robin Mitha
Robin Mitha has spent over 20 years in corporate Pakistan, of which over 15 years, ending as CEO, has been with multinational plant protection companies catering to the rural agricultural population. Travelled extensively and having studied both in Pakistan and the UK , Robin describes himself as a hardcore Pakistani nationalist who believes that Pakistani’s should first be true to Pakistan. A passion for writing and trekking and a gym and yoga enthusiast Robin is a student of life, a journey which never ends, believing strongly in “Life is beautiful, no matter what.” His enthusiasm is infectious. robin
Bilal Khanzada
Bilal Naseer Khanzada PRESS TV / PRESS Karachi. ammar
Chaudhary Naeem Sidhu
I always wished to be in company of wise, well-read and thinking people. That’s why I contribute in The Daily Express and visit TPS with sole purpose of learning. Pursuit of knowledge takes me to Law College for sharing what I have learnt in my life with my students. Speaking, writing and reading are surely helping me to learn… Learning for enlightening myself to achieve goal to be a better human. I always wrote under title of “Jauhar Nama” because of two reasons: I belong to town Jauharabad; and I seek to unfold the ‘Jauhar’, that is the nucleus.. Can be reached at naeemsidhu@yahoo.com sidhu
Talal Hussain Malik
Writing has been one of my interests over the years. I started writing some years ago as a student and gradually it changed into passion. It is said that the pen is the tongue of the mind; though my writings might discuss various aspects I am usually focused on criticizing the social injustice and the wrong policies of our government, for in words of Edward B. Lytton, the British novelist,

“Beneath the rule of men entirely great, The pen is mightier than the sword.”

The Soul Behind My Face is my personal blog.

Fatima Tassaduq
She considers herself a blogger, but she is more than that. She is proficient in abstract notions which only she is able to translate in words and in such words which could be understandable by the mere mortals of TPS. She is cherished around here. fatima
Amna Gilani
She is very new to blogging, but not new to writing as she has been writing her journal since her childhood, and thankfully she has accepted the TPS’s request to not to publish those journal entries here. Rather she is more interested in politics, Lollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood. amna
M Mirza
A retired Politician, who has seen it , been there, done that. He adorns the Urdu Section of TPS with his political writings. mm
Fahad Zuberi
A poet, who takes to heart everything, happening around. I have been into teaching as well. Nowadays, between extractions and scalings, between dentures and fillings, I get the feeling that THERE is something wrong with this country. I have to tell the truth.Take people out of their misery.Although, I don’t always make sense. I trust everyone, I just don’t trust THE DEVIL inside them. fzuberi
Samiullah Shah
Balochistan is famous for its innovative, hardworking and highly talented people. Samiullah Shah belongs to Killi Huramzai Syedan District Pishin Balochistan. He loves to write and cricket. His charm drips from his beautiful writings. samiullah
Waqas Khan
He is the Former Member of Punjab Assembly and belongs to Jamat-e-Islami. He is also a frequent columnist in the national newspapers and magazines, and the author of several books and research papers. He has also traveled extensively. Waqas

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