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Imran and Nawaz - Show Maturity

By Salman Mugsi • Jun 30th, 2014 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look

There is no need for Nawaz Sharif to stop Imran Khan from doing long or short marches, and there is no need for Imran Khan to stage the long and short marches. If both take their affairs to the parliament, then Pakistan as a whole will thank them. If they cannot do that, at least [...]

PTI’s Cold Shoulder to Qadri

By Salman Mugsi • Jun 24th, 2014 • Category: Politics

One wonders why Imran Khan didn’t join Tahir ul Qadri yesterday in Lahore? I believe if Imran Khan had joined Qadri at airport yesterday with a public procession, and started heading towards Islamabad by G. T. Road in same tempo,  then both PTI and PAT could overthrow PML-N government before even reaching Gujarat.
The dreadful handling [...]

Why Sympathy With Altaf Hussain?

By Salman Mugsi • Jun 5th, 2014 • Category: Politics

Money laundering and murder are a crime in any civilized society, and Britain is certainly a one. I am surprised over the timid and coward reaction of Pakistani media after the arrest of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain in London by the Scotland Yard. That shows the terror of the MQM.

This is the [...]

Altaf Hussain Arrested in Karachi - MQM sets Karachi on Fire

By Salman Mugsi • Jun 3rd, 2014 • Category: Politics

Scotland Yard has arrested MQM chief Altaf Hussain for the money laundering. MQM was collecting extortion money from the Karachiites for more than 15 years and sending all the money through black channels to the UK, and they were stashing it all in the Altaf Hussain house and then he was putting it slowly into [...]

Mubashir Lucman and Deepali Chauhan Scandal Pictures Vidoes Emails

By Salman Mugsi • May 30th, 2014 • Category: Politics

Mubasher Lucman friend Deepali Chauhan photos and clips have gone viral on to the social media websites. Some hacker who got hold of Mubasher Lucman emails and the twitter account has leaked them onto the social media has come out in public and released them on the social network sites. The email threads are also [...]

Saif ur Rehman of Nawaz Sharif Re-Enters to Target Imran Khan

By Salman Mugsi • May 12th, 2014 • Category: Politics

It seems that Mian Nawaz Sharif is all set to repeat the past mistakes again with the same zeal and zest. One was hoping that after becoming third time Prime Minister, and after watching so many coups, internal conspiracies and after going through exile and lots of personal and party troubles, the Prince of Lahore [...]

MQM Sneaks Into Sindh Government

By Salman Mugsi • Apr 23rd, 2014 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look

While media is busy in proving or disproving Hamid Mir as traitor and GEO/Jang group as friends of India; many pending businesses are being rushed to their completion. Musharraf has been safely tucked into the Karachi; MQM has joined the Sindh government; and few projects have been approved hastily at the Port Qasim.
Muttahida Qaumi Movement [...]

Balochistan is Saddest Province on Hamid Mir Incident

By Salman Mugsi • Apr 21st, 2014 • Category: Politics

Hamid Mir is probably the most vocal champion out of Islamabad for the deprivation of Balochistan and the high-handedness of our security agencies and military in that very restive province. Baloch public holds Hamid Mir in very high regard, and he is one of handful of Punjabis who wield immense respect in Balochistan.
Baloch awam are [...]

Musharraf, MQM, and Mohajir

By Salman Mugsi • Apr 4th, 2014 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look

So now he, the murderous dictator is Mohajir. And any case or trial against him would be the case and trial of already persecuted Mohajirs. It’s now once again Punjabi Prime Minister versus the Mohajir Musharraf. This hijrat-yafta former military chief is all of a sudden is the victimized target of Punjabi regime. This is [...]

Jithay De Khoti - Uthay Aan Khaloti

By Salman Mugsi • Mar 22nd, 2014 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look

MQM is a fish, which cannot survive outside of the muddy waters of rule. MQM is a specie, which cannot survive outside the sphere of deals, intrigues, conspiracies and blackmailing. Their mafia-oriented existence makes it an inevitable thing for them to always remain in the shadows of those who are in power. They simply cannot [...]