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I’ll Pay Wahab’s Fine ; Says Brian Lara

By Hamid Raza • Mar 23rd, 2015 • Category: Politics

International Cricket Council (ICC) has shown time and again that they are the biggest hurdle to bring some excitement and warmth in the otherwise long and boring game of Cricket. Due to restrictive policies of ICC, Cricket has never been able to gain any global popularity.
Now in a recent episode, the cricketing fans from all [...]

Eiffel Tower in Islamabad

By Hamid Raza • May 23rd, 2014 • Category: Entertainment

To the somewhat bland skyline of Islamabad, this new 87 story high building, which is called as Eiffel Tower Islamabad, would be a great addition. We don’t have many skyscrapers in Islamabad. The handful of multi story buildings are just lining the blue area on both sides and that’s about it.
It’s hard to imagine any [...]

Digital Camera Pakistan Prices and Specs

By Hamid Raza • Jul 28th, 2010 • Category: Technology

Panasonic has announced it is developing a digital 3D interchangeable lens for the Micro Four Thirds system, to be launched by the end of the year. The lens will include two optical paths, projecting left and right image pairs onto the camera sensor. These twin images can later be combined to provide a single 3D [...]

Sacha Kon

By Hamid Raza • Feb 13th, 2010 • Category: Politics (Urdu)