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By Saleem Awan • Aug 9th, 2010 • Category: Make Money With Blogging • 3 Comments

Your personality is the key as how you go about and score in your life. In the digital world of blogging, your overall personality gets scintillate through your blogs. Its not just about writing, its about everything.

The words, colors, fonts, placement, theme, ads, freshness, comments, feedback and your presence and the changes all reflect the persona of your blog. It actually becomes a hallmark of you and if it appeals to lots of visitors, you are a hit. Like in real life, a congenial personality entices many people, and that is what it is with the blogs.

So always prefer to write when you are in good mood. Don’t just spit venom, and dont just exude your anger in your words. Don’t reflect negativity in your blog. Be positive, be charming and be sensual. People never like to be in the company of person who complains, whines and just weep and is pessimistic.

So be the light and be the inspiration and that should reflect from every inch of your blog.

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  1. kkkkk


  2. I read that all tests lose their usefulness if the patient is already taking a gluten-free diet. Intestinal damage begins to heal within weeks of gluten being removed from the diet, and antibody levels decline over months.

  3. don’t judge people on one action, it may be he/she in different mood

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