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Atiqa Odho Scandal with Musharraf , True?

By Sharafat • Feb 7th, 2011 • Category: Entertainment • 4 Comments

I remember the interview of ravishing old Pakistani actress cum social worker cum All Pakistan Muslim League’s leader Atiqa Odho back in 2003-04 when she denied any acquaintance with the then President Musharraf. Though in Islamabad it was hot news though everybody was afraid to say it due to fear that Atiqa was the darling of Musharraf at that time and visited him in President House very frequently. She was even called as Madam Rani of Musharraf.

Then it went on and on with time, and many people became witness of Atiqa visiting the president house and then Musharraf also said in interviews that Atiqa was his personal favorite actress. It was natural of Musharraf to strike it with Atiqa as he was so fond of enlightened moderation.

Now that moderation is giving fruits. Atiqa has now become the APML’s leader and now eying some political space as she has seen the power of politics. Atiqa Odho in TV talk shows of Kashif Abassi , Duniya News , Javed Chaudhry and Hamid Mir is the hot thing these days replacing Kashmala Tariq. But it would be a real hit show with Kashmala Tariq, Atiqa Odho together and you may also throw in Asma Arbab in the fray with the touch of Maria Sultan.

Way to go Atiqa.

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  1. pakistan was founded for rendi bherwa

  2. People of PML N can go to any limit.

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  4. Qazi Zafar look your worth?Pakistan was founded only base on Islam and we are feeling proud that we got our independent and gorgeous Pakistan.Sorry to say whole world know India is earning from its prostitutes and that thing is assets for India go ahead and keep growing more prostitutes for your living…………….

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