Ata ul Haq Qasmi Hijacks Pak Tea House in Lahore

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Whenever anybody mentions ‘Lifafa Journalism’ in Pakistan, two names come forward by default. One is Ata ul Haq Qasmi and the other is Irfan Siddiqui. Ata ul Qasmi is kind of ‘family columnist’ of Sharif family. This guy, who once never got tired of writing travelogues full of his accounts as how the European girls considered him Eastern Prince, seems to never forget the pleasures of ambassador ship bestowed upon by him by Sharifs.

Now Ata Qasmi has self appointed himself as the leader of the intellectuals in Pakistan. It was quite ironic and funny to see elder Sharif inaugurating a tea house and talking about literature. We all know about his mental and intellectual caliber. Pak Tea House is an iconic and symbolic place and thats about it. Ata Qasmi has struck two birds here with one stroke.

He has showered a favor on the poets and writers by getting the Pak Tea House ‘restored’, but he has also given chance to Sharif brothers to ‘shine’ as patrons of literature. Qasmi has also provided a chance to Hamza Shahbaz to improve his image after Ayesha Ahad scandal.

These older politicians and their sidekicks in media would never cease to cajol the people of Pakistan. What a waste of Punjab government’s money. Ok, now guess, to which country Ata Qasmi is dreaming to be posted as ambassador if Sharif wins next election? Keep in mind that Qasmi still believes that the Euro girls are still dotty upon this Prince of East.

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