Asad Qaiser and Pervaiz Khattak Fight for PTI Chief Minister in KPK

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It’s a disappointment that the very first ever government of PTI in any part of Pakistan has become the victim of power politics, vested interests and greed for rule. In order to form their government, PTI is dependent upon Jamat-e-Islami (JI), Qaumi Watan Party, PPP Sherpao group, and the independents. That and PTI internal provincial rift for different roles in government has left a very bad impression on KPK people.

Asad Qaiser, the provincial president of PTI started presenting himself as the designated chief minister of KPK as soon as PTI got the lead. His opposite group led by Pervaiz Khattak and Shaukat Yousufzai started meeting with the independents of FATA and presented Khattak as the chief minister from PTI. The central executive committee of PTI were at loss what to do, and they still are. Though now after bitter internal fights, Pervaiz Khattak has emerged as more powerful candidate for chief minister, Asad Qaiser is still lobbying hard.

Interestingly, the CEC and other bodies of PTI have yet to meet for this all important post, but they are waiting for Imran Khan who is busy in locking horns with MQM and PML-N in Sindh and Punjab. Another setback for PTI is that they have given health and education ministries to JI and have lost the edge there. These are powerful and performance oriented ministries but they have made a blunder there. There are also reports that independents are asking for lucrative posts and ministries and sums to join KPK government. PTI is learning the hard way about the status quo politics here and have become part of it.

PTI’s stated policy is that no PTI office holder would become part of government of PTI if they are not elected. But now it has been decided that their provincial general secretary would be the minister of information in the KPK. This will surely backfire and has put black spots on the credibility.

KPK shouldn’t be taken easy by the PTI, because they will be judged by here, and their future depends upon performance in the KPK. In my opinion, some third person should have become the CM of KPK, Why not Imran himself lead his party here? Nawaz Sharif also started as chief minister of Punjab, so it might be a good starting point there too.

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