Army Public School Carnage Remembered on its 2nd Anniversary

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Members of Central Executive Committee (aka: CEC) and Adhoc Committee of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Riyadh Region gathered for an emergency meeting to remember the fallen innocent young students of Army Public School in Peshawar on the second anniversary of the bloody carnage on the fateful day of 16 December 2014.

The gathering also recalled the other black day in the history of Pakistan – the Fall of Dhaka and the dismemberment of the eastern wing of Pakistan – on the same day 16 December but way back in 1971.

The program was presided by Abdul Karim Khan – the Chairman of 5-Member Adhoc Committee of PPP Riyadh region and was conducted by Muhammad Riaz Rathore – Secretary of the Adhoc Committee.

Tilawat was performed by Sardar Sher Afzal – a senior and the founding member of PPP Riyadh region.

Secretary Rathore opened the session by giving a brief rundown on the objective of the gathering and added that 16 December shall always be remembered for two tragedies that struck Pakistan and its citizens. The first was the Fall of Dhaka n 16 December 1971 when our the eastern wing of our country – the former East Pakistan was cut away from us by the enemy machination and it changed its name to Bangladesh.

“The second tragedy struck upon us when a group of terrorists targeted the young & innocent students of Army Public School in Peshawar and ruthlessly murdered about 150 of them in a premeditated & well planned attack, “Rathore added.

Rathore then invited everyone on his turn to express their opinion on the above-mentioned two tragedies.

Sardar Naseer Khan – member of Adhoc Committee – said that the attack on the innocent students was a cowardly act which the entire nation has condemned. “On this 2nd anniversary we remember of fallen students and wow to fight the terrorists until they are completely destroyed, “Khan added.

On the issue of fall of Dhaka, he mentioned that this day cannot be forgotten by any Pakistani. “We however should move on work to build our country, Khan expressed.

Malik Shafiq also expressed similar opinion about the APS students. “16 December shall always remind us of these two tragedies and we must solemnly remember and recall what happened on this day – both in 1971 and in 2014, “Malik said.

Choudhry Farman Saleem – member of Adhoc Committee – said that the tragedy of East Pakistan was caused by our enemies. “The enemy took advantage of the long distance between our two wings – with no attached borders between us and conspired to create uprising and hence breakup of our country, “Saleem mentioned. About APS tragedy, he said that his heart wrenches at the thought of this tragedy and murder of the innocent children.

Faiz Al-Najdi said that these two fateful days – 16 December-1971 and 16 December-2014 – demand soul searching from us. “As a nation we must ask ourselves as to why Dhaka fell and our country was dismembered. Ours is a federation of 4 provinces and we must safe guard the interests of the smaller provinces and give them all rights as enshrined in the Constitution especially in the 18th amendment of the same, “Najdi opinionated. About the APS carnage he said the perpetrators of this crime must be brought to justice. “It is very important to nab the mastermind of this crime and a full enquiry should be initiated by both the provincial and the federal governments, “Najdi added.

Sardar Sher Afzal was very critical about the government – and the successive governments before for not punishing those who were named in the Humood Ur Rahman Commission for being responsible for the breakup of our country. “APS tragedy cannot be forgotten and each year the parents of the fallen students would suffer the pain of their loss. Their pain shall be relieved once the murderers are caught and punished, “Afzal added.

Chairman of Adhoc Committee – Abdul Karim Khan – first of all thanked all CEC and Adhoc Committee members for working very hard like a solid team and hosting two previous very successful events namely: Oath taking ceremony and honoring late Senator Jahangir Badr; and the hosting of a Press Conference to layout vision & mission of Adhoc Committee and observing Founding Day of PPP – 30 November-1967. He said his heart bleeds at the thought of murder of innocent young students of APS who were in fact future leaders of Pakistan. “I am equally saddened at Dhaka fall and wished we had something to prevent this tragedy, “Khan mentioned.

At the end he advised all CEC members to work in the service of the Pakistani community in Riyadh.

At the end prayers were offered for those who perished in the recent PIA plane crash. Prayers were also offered for the sad demise of brother-in-law of PPP Riyadh region leader Muhammad Asghar Qureshi.

The program concluded on a happy note with a sumptuous dinner for the guests.

By Bilawal Khan