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Army in Plain Clothes to Fight Lawyers During Musharraf Trial?

By Dr. Hassan Isfahani • Apr 26th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 6 Comments

Things have suddenly changed and Pervaiz Musharraf has got his confidence back. He has postponed his plans to run out of Pakistan, and that is why his mother’s statement in media in which she has asked her brave son to not to come to Dubai and she would herself come to see the commando.

What has really changed? Ahmad Raza Kasuri’s tears have softened the hearts somewhere or the insult has become too much for the most powerful institute? Or some men on the horseback cannot tolerate such treatment meted out to one of their own by the not-so-auspicious civilians? Or some foreign signals have come, or suddenly some one has come up with new scheme for the Pakistanis, or the establishment has decided to prolong the caretaker setup?

I was talking to few lawyers who fought one to one with the Musharraf supporters who appeared from nowhere during Musharraf trial. These supporters of Musharraf didn’t leave the battlefield of Kachehri Chowk in Rawalpindi and fought with their tooth and nails to defend the good name of their Syed. The lawyers told me that as soon as they saw the groups of people with Musharraf portraits, they advanced to quash them to avenge their wounds during Musharraf era, but met with surprise when the retaliation was fierce.

The lawyers were certain that those were no ordinary protesters but trained commandos. I don’t believe that because the footage on TV channels showed that the fight was even between Musharraf supporters and lawyers, and I hate to believe that our commandos didn’t win this battle against untrained lawyers. No matter how vicious and agitated, these lawyers become, they shouldn’t be a match for the iron men.

So I would like to brush away that claim by lawyers as mere rumor.

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