Are you watching the constant decrease in inflation rate??

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There is something interesting for you, our beloved Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf (Bholay Badshah) is quite satisfied over the constant decrease in inflation rate, and it never ends here he is also hopeful that sooner their policies will make the difference. What a statement, change that we couldn’t see in 4-1/2 year, but we will see that in coming days, oh God, why our generous, kind and loving leaders are thinking to give relief to common man. Why I these days they are very kind to us? Does it mean they are nothing without us?? Yes they are nothing without us then why don’t we realize our powers??These are our servants but behave with us as we are here to provide privileges and benefits to them.

Let’s come towards the topic again, so our PM is seeing the constant decrease in inflation rate, is it really like that?? Can you see this decrease in inflation?? I personally never seen much decrease, there is just a decrease in CNG prices but there is no part of this ruling body in providing this facility to usit was because of SC orders.. Other than that I don’t think so there is any constant decrease in inflation. But wait we can also give the same statement while sitting in PM house and having all the facilities, where we don’t need to see the miseries of people, high prices of commodities that are of daily use, low income and education for children, when we don’t see all that, then we can say the same thing as said by PM Ashraf,.

I once read the statement” hunger reduces all the principles of civilization” ( Bhook tehzeeb k adab mitta dati ha ) it’s really true, it’s all about empathy, when you will place yourself at the place of others then you can realize the pain. Then you can feel for others.

But still if our PM says that there is decrease in inflation then I congratulate you all on having such an intelligent, outstanding, kind, generous, soft hearted leader from PPP who is able to see these changes. Who can’t see people cry but he can tell you that there is decrease in prices then why can’t you see that, Ahhhh …… Nothing!!

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