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Are you looking for thousands of Karachi and Lahore girls mobile numbers ?

By Amna Gilani • Mar 25th, 2012 • Category: Features • 97 Comments

Latest and updated list of Pakistani girls mobile numbers from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and other areas of Pakistan are being offered at the websites. Millions of mobile phone numbers of girls are present on these websites along with the facebook profiles of Pakistani girls.

Moreoever, there are exclusive websites offering pictures and even videos of the college girls of the Karachi and Lahore colleges and universities and then they are also asking for money in return or even simply easy load. This sounds like a whole group which is after this kind of thing and this is increasing day day.

I wonder why there is no crackdown on these sort of websites by the PTA or any other authority?

This is a real problem and should be looked into on war footings. Thousands of girls are worried due to this and the families are suffering too. In Pakistan, there is no much awareness as how to react to such kinds of situations and where to curb this, but media should play its role in that and a marketing campaign by the telcos and the PTA should be launched to eliminate this.

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  1. The Phone number of girls of Provincial including Capital city of Pakistan Pindi/Isd. have become so easy to obtain but this is an another serious debate —”when & how”— & what are those frustrated indigestible economical & social - reasons but this is a guarantee you must recognize within ten sentences while you talk to girls/females at working place or at academic institute, tuition center you name it in any circumstances plus MALE must act as if he is so polite & perfect gentleman & pretends as if he belongs to noble family - then mark my words NO Problem - such xyz Female - whether handover to you her respective cell number or not - in very first meeting but in 2nd one this is guaranteed - it is subject to your falsely pose attitude & delivery of dialogged!

    *Sharhah = Percentage

    Yaqeen Rakho - Mansoori - Mian - Nay -Ghat-Ghat - Ka - Hay - Pani - Piya-
    Registered R@pes/Gang R@pes - Ki- Kiya-*Sharhah- Kiss - Nay- Pata- Kiya-

  2. One of my fellow bar council friend has been resolving this following case – would you all believe this is NET result ORIENTATION right after – having various telephonic conversation – in the beginning.

  3. I am looking for just 1 or 2 numbers for time pass, got any?

  4. Mobiles are so easy to use when Oppressive society controls the society. One has to block the intruding caller id if the ladies do not like it.

  5. Well I think nowadays girl’s mobile numbers are not hard to get. even girls have started sharing own numbers on net. debate can go forward with your comments

  6. i like it

  7. plz contect me on

  8. Yes seher, girls also like to share their numbers so that they can get easyload from the boys. One of my friend gives easyload to many girls

  9. easy load may not convert into heavy load girls be carefull

  10. It is sick to get a mobile # of any girl and then keep on begging her with the hope to spit a single word from her mouth. Come on… get a life. There is a term called “self respect” also.
    Those who call daughters and sisters of others, should go and check their own sisters and I am 100% sure that they will be talking to anyone else at that time. Tit for tat.

    Sheikh Sadi said that never go after a girl because if she looked back and took interest in you too then your IYMAN is gone as you will be bound not to run away. Giving sensitive decision of losing your IYMAN to any stranger women is not at all wise.

  11. Quetta ki bachiyaan rabta karain, full masala chat k liya

  12. 03468061321lucky u have try.

  13. Aslam, I called you on that number, but nobody answered…..

  14. Social morals do pay and of course, they are paying…

  15. i will sennd many 2 hundred coror ruppes all girl :-(

  16. magar eid mubarak ke not :-p

  17. type for shearing 03413091948

  18. itni danger news upload ki hui hai koi larki bhi set nahi hogi ese to humse hahaha

  19. I am Rubina,
    I live in Lahore,
    I need a boy friend

  20. rubina send your number
    :-( :-(

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