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By • Feb 28th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • No Responses

In the streets, roads, shops, colleges, net cafes, and offices of Pakistan, you will find almost everybody export o the national current affairs. In fact most of those people would be authority on any subject you would choose, and they would speak on it for hours, if you show interest.

The opinionated Pakistanis are, unfortunately, not much interested in pragmatism. They would happily offer you advice upon advice, and would tell you thousands of ways to rectify the matters, and the would list hundreds of merits of voting and elections and the participation in them, but we see that the turn out during the elections remain very low.

Pakistanis are interested in politics, but they are not interested in taking part in it. They have left it to the politicians and their sidekicks. In rural areas, the whole villages would attend the political meetings, just because there always is a heavy sumptuous meal afterwards. In urban areas, people would go just for the fun of it. These days music and sound effects are being used during the public meetings, so all the more reason to have a nice evening out for the youth.

Another trend in Pakistan for politics is that youth is extremely active on the social media. These twitter warriors, Facebook samurais. and GooglePlus wrestlers would spend hours and hours promoting a trend, calling names to the opponents, and conniving online but on election day, I am sure they would sleep late, wake up late, watch a movie, and would vote on social media in evening.

Not sure there is much interest present for upcoming elections either in real manner among the Pakistanis. Are you interested in voting, come next elections?

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