Apple In 2013- Rumors About New Launches Are In The Air!

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Apple has always enjoyed staying in the news with its most popular product, iPhone. It has not been a story of long-lost past when iPhone 5 was launched and is still experiencing worldwide high sales record. There are rumors that Apple would launch iPhone 6 in mid-2013. Other than iPhone 6, there are reports of iPhone Mini and iPhone Math to be released in 2013.

Apple has always faced rumors when it comes to new releases by the company. The credit goes to the innovation Apple has brought to its products, particularly, the Smartphone ranges. The slimmer, the smarter phones of Apple are not just popular among fans of the company, but also attracting clientele of other manufacturers as well.

The most expected release of iPhone 5S, the updated version of iPhone 5, along with iPhone Mini, and iPhone Math, Apple seems to attack the rivals and claim more market share. Reliable resources of Apple have revealed that Apple would unveil the two devices till mid of 2013 and the third one till end of December 2013. These would be the next generation iPhones along with Appleā€™s new love, 4.8-inches phablet, carrying 12-megapixel camera.

There is lot to say how much weight rumors carry because some say that most of the information is leaked by the company itself so that people would keep on discussing the expected launches.

There were news about the cost effective launch of iPhone by Apple for quite some time, but no one was sure whether the company would decide about this thing or not. As Apple is more concerned about quality rather than quantity, so confusion was in the air about the Mini iPhone launch, which is now clear.

iPhone Math would be a real new invention of Apple as no one has ever have any idea about this launch, neither were any rumors about this kind of product. It seems to be a response to the Samsung, the popular rival of Apple, as the former has its huge phablet market.

It has been said that iPhone Math would have 4.8-inches screen, 1 inch larger than the current one used in iPhone 5. Apple has also given orders of 8 million camera lenses to Largan Precision, a Chinese firm. The order is to fulfill the expected demands of iPhone 5S and iPhone Math. Foxconn would be responsible to do the 90% of the manufacturing task.

The new iPhone may have an inbuilt fingerprint scanner below the home tab, said Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst. He is quite hopeful that the iPhone to be released in 3rd quarter of 2013 would be quite affordable. In iPhone Mini, the aluminum chassis would be replaced by polycarbonate, hence making the device cheaper. The model would also be available in many different colors.

It seems that Apple would take part in the Smartphone battle fiercely. The new releases, cost effective approaches, and more options for the consumers would surely help Apple to win more loyal customers.

By Saqib Hussain

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